POPStar First Impressions

I don’t think it is fair to review a yoyo without putting it through its numbers before condemning or praising it. However, I figure we could all post our first impressions of the yoyo so other who may be on the fence about it may better get an idea of what they are getting, at least until a formal review is done. (Which I might do…)

Anyhow I’m going to copy & paste a PM I sent to a buddy of mine moments ago concerning my first impressions of the POPStar. So without further adieu;

So if you have received your POPStar please comment on what your initial impressions are of it.

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Holy deja vu Batman that PM looks very familiar :smiley:

I would have to agree w/ Mr. D4rqk0n3, its kind of an odd little throw but fun in the same way. Plus the fact it came in a normal YYF box made me laugh. It just looked funny in there ;D

haha I know it looked sooo small in there, welp imagine that it is small :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: To be completely honest, the more I play with it the more I like it. I got my Alchemy string on it now and at least to me it makes a noticeable difference from the stock string (for the good). Again this is just my opinion and ymmv. :smiley:

how does it play compared to a starlight or the protostar?

Honestly it doesn’t play like them at all, at least not the ProtoStar, I never threw a Starlite. Seriously this thing is unique, I owned a Dingo and played with it pretty heavily and I have never played a yoyo so unique. I don’t care what anyone says, this yoyo may be reminiscent to others but it doesn’t play close to anything I have ever tried before. And lets face it for $26 ($31 with Shipping) you are getting your moneys worth. This thing definitely forces you to play precise, even the simplest maneuvers are scrutinized by this yoyo’s small stature. My wife instantly fell in love with it and I can say I am getting there myself, I am landing my Lacerated whips a lot more often, my hops seem to be getting a bit cleaner, and jeeze I have had it for like 4-5 hours, I can’t seem to put it down for more than a cigarette break. You see if you aren’t playing up to par, the throw will tilt and spin out, refuse to bind, or just generally not respond properly if you aren’t playing well. I am sure this will turn some of you away but for that reason alone I am slowly falling for this thing.

I don’t know if I can say I’m love’n it but I do like it. Its a fun little throw and your right, for $26 for an all metal, you just can’t go wrong. I do have to say, Mexican Duck Pond is a breeze with this little guy :smiley:

So when you say it plays like that compared to the protostar. Your saying its worse? Or better?

I think the best way to describe it is different. There is nothing alike w/ either the Proto or Popstars other than they are H-shaped

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so would you say that you like it more than the dingO? i have two dingOs (which i love) and i just bought a pOpstar. i love undersized!

so i was just wondering how it was playwise to a dingO.

No, I would not consider this yoyo to be similar to ANYTHING else. My usage of the Dingo and any of the ____Star yoyos was just to prove the a point, I know better now. The POPStar Officially plays exactly like a POPStar. While it is tiny like the Dingo (4mm smaller in Diameter than the Dingo if I am not mistaken) it is nothing like it.

Hmm is it possible to increase the users accuracy if they use this and how long does it spin

This sounds like a RPG xD Haha I’m guessing it would help a bit since it would be harder to make string hits on a small gap >_>

It will increase you accuracy, just give it some time. As far as spins, I find mine to be lacking in that department a little. For its size, it spins well but not great. I find it to not be very forgiving on a bad throw. It will wobble all over the place like a flat tire and will tilt very easy, but that’s all part of increasing your accuracy.

The gap is 4.9mm, nothing really small about it.

Mike did you clean your bearing yet? I am curious how much a clean and completely dry bearing would help it’s spin duration.

No, not yet, but that’s on the To Do list for tonight, along w/ cleaning my room :smiley:

har har har, I gotta go buy more lighter fluid and RTV today so I can take care of mine. Still diggin it though. :smiley:

Its growing on me, but I’m sure it wont be a main throw.

I have started using Alchemy string which believe it or not is helping the binds, at least for me, this is odd though I mean the thickness of an Alchemy is a little thinner than a normal poly. But I am curious as to how it will play completely dry with flush RTV. I noticed a difference with my Hectic, how big of a difference will it make here :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: can’t wait for the wife to wake up so I can go get what I need.

dude i love this throw. i hate that it vibes and tilts like crazy sometimes but wow. can’t wait until i get another. after throwing it for an hour it smoothed out a little but it still tilts and vibes.

i seriously hope thats yoyofactory fixes the slight vibe on future editions.