YYF popstar


so i went down to yoyo regionals this year and picked up a popstart to replace my beloved protostar with it’s superiorly undersized cousin.

the packaging comes as a pretty standard YYF afair, it’s easy to get to the good stuff, just open the top and pull out the inside cardboard to retrieve your yoyo and the string in the top compartment.

i chose the “pea green” color as it’s weird. holding it in the hand it’s MINUSCULE. absolutely tiny feeling, however, upon first throw, i was greeted with a “dead weighty” feeling, verry stable and relitively long spin time. grinds are smooth and it’s unresponsive.

downsides are faily common with this though, as mine may as well be welded inside and is not able to be taken appart. this means that the bearing is NOT replaceablr and learning to pick knots is a MUST.

so: popstar throw or no?

throw: it’s a fabulous player, it’s unique and fun, great for learning to be spotless in tricks and awesome to show off.

it’s also cheap enough that you if your’s doesn’t come apart, and the bearing explodes you can probably purchase a new one fairly soon.

well done YYF


what do mean it doesn’t come apart? mine does! and i agree it’s a great yoyo.


Mine comes apart just fine as well. I’m not sure what’s going on with the OP’s Popstar. My only additional comment would be in elusion to domoyo comment about “great for learning to be spotless in tricks”. Don’t make the mistake of believing the small size makes it a less experienced players throw. The small size requires you to be more precise in your throws and landings.

I guess I’ll add one more thing, for me spin times have not on par with the DV888, the Popstar’s big brother. It is a fun little guy to play with though.


Note: skip to bottom for answer on “pop star won’t unscrew”

Ok first of all if your one of those people who don’t like the pop star I understand, but after reading this consider changing your mind.

Pop stars are a great yoyo


They have an incredible spin time and are very stable I am even considering buying a second one because of that.

Sadly most people dislike the pop star do to the fact they won’t unscrew. That is wrong they very much unscrew. My fist pop star didn’t and I was annoyed because of it so I contacted yoyoexpert, they told me -->

**when first manufacturing the pop star there was a defect in the product they should unscrew.

******if yours doesn’t consider contacting yoyoexpert and relaying your distress they will gladly replace it for you


I like my popster but it cuts strings!


I like my popstar but it cuts strings!