Popstar a little fussy

I got my new Popstar a few days ago, and I like it. The only problem is that it is requiring an excessive amount of tuning. It never seems to stay together for long, and, though it doesn’t fly apart, it is super vibe when I screw it tight again. The only solution I found that makes it smooth again is to repeatedly screw and unscrew it, which is fine, except it never stays tightly screwed for long.
I also noticed the dimple right above the axle has a small bump, like the axle had pushed a (very) tiny bit into that area. I don’t want to crank it because it might damage the threads. Any suggestions?

Sounds like you maybe got a bum one. Maybe return it if you can?

Definitely, return it.

Well, the thing is, I don’t know if I can, its been a few days, and while there are no dings, I have dropped a half twice. It is smooth when tuned, but the fingerspins seem pretty short; 40 seconds when I got a five minute spin time, and the anno is rubbing off in the dimple. If this thing wasn’t coming apart every few throws, all would be forgiven😠

Did you buy it from YoYoExpert? If you did send us an email or call during office hours and we’ll help you out.

I haven’t heard of any popstars coming apart like that, but I’d be happy to take a look at it for you.

If I can’t fix it then we’ll likely replace it for you.


If you didn’t buy it from yoyoexpert, and the place you bought it from is no help, take it apart, add Teflon tape and put it back together. Don’t crank on it more than you have or that dimple could turn into a mountain. The Teflon should help keep it together a little bit better.

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I noticed this in your email, but somehow I missed this second post before posting here…

You shouldn’t be disappointed by 40 second fingerspin times. That’s exceptionally good, especially on a yo-yo as small as the popstar. Try it, count to 40; why would you need a longer fingerspin?

I’m still happy to take a look at it. The “yo-yo coming apart in play” issue may be fixable, but don’t expect the yo-yo to perform any better, or any replacement for that matter.

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Ok, I don’t just want a replacement for no reason, looks like I’m just good at fingerspins in general 8)
I’ll give the popstar a few more days to break in, and then I might try Whoth3mans duct tape solution. Thanks for your help!

You’re still welcome to send it in, it shouldn’t be falling apart in play and we don’t mind looking at it. I just didn’t want you to get your hopes up about the performance, since it sounds like its doing that part fine. :wink:

And do not use duct tape. WH0TH3MAN was talking about teflon tape or thread lock tape. You can find it at most hardware stores, probably in the plumbing section.

40 second spin time on a fingerspin? That’s amazing.

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Yeah, do not use duct tape! I don’t think you would be able to put the yoyo back together with it on anyways.

I did not mean to say duct tape, little slip on my part :slight_smile:
I am someone who can fingerspin pretty much anything, and I have gotten 2 minute fingerspins on my horizon, so maybe my expectation was high for such a small yoyo. I’ll post a picture for people to look at:

Just pulled off a 1:06 second fingerspin on this beast 8)
Its growing on me…