best yoyo to hold

Hey guys… what do you think is the best yoyo to hold in your pocket regularly? Mine is the hectic… it is soooo small in the hand and the gap is huge.


lol i like to stick a throw monkey in my pocket lol, no i like the 888.

M1 is really narrow.

I bet a Dingo will stay unnoticed in your pocket. So will a Flea, but the Fleas aren’t in production anymore.

I have nicer yoyos but the M1 is my slimmest and plays alright


I hope it does, because I’m getting it for my birthday.

Other than that usually my M1 or C13.

My Skyline for me.

Usually, I just grab my sili-recessed throw monkey or a PGM.

I never leave the house without my Campfire. ;D

Whatever I feel like playing with.


i agree sometime my buly some times my m1s or somethimes my project and every thing inbetween


But then I forget its there and lose it for a few months, then get it back.

Well its winter now and it gets cold here. That being said I’ll carry anything but a bigyo in my pocket.
My coat has big pockets!

Hectic. :smiley: