Good pocket yoyo?

Sorry if this question has already been asked, but I need a good yoyo to carry with me everywhere.
I want it to be unresponsive, and fairly cheap, so I can get a new one if my old one breaks.
I was thinking about buying a Pocket Change, do you guys think that would be a good pocket yoyo?

I’d reccomand a dingo. It’s quite cheap, and very small. The pocket change is more of a novelty. Personally i can fit any yoyo in my pocket so size is never an issue for me when picking a pocket yoyo. But if a dingo is still too expensive, and yo don’t care about size, then maybe consider a pgm.

Pocket Change isn’t pocket sized though. I would get a Campfire but it sounds like that’s way too expensive for your budget. I would get a Dingo.

Pocket change i heard is responsive so I wouldn’t get it unless you dont care if its not unresponsive. But I would recommend the YYF Grind Machine. Its unresponsive has hub stacks can fit in your pocket and isn’t expensive and i carry it with me every were! But if that is to expensive then get the YYF DIE-NASTY it even has the awesome Center Trac barring.

So a dingo would be good? How small is it, though? Compared to, say, a Dark Magic?

Well, i don’t know how to put that really. The dm is one of the larger yoyos out there, and the dingo is one of the smallest. It’s going to feel weird if you’ve been playing with a dm a lot.

Why go all metal? If it’s a cheap, replacable pocket yoyo you want to carry everywhere with you, try any YYJ plastic or hybrid, or a cheap YYF metal. Or even new pad recessed Freehand 2 if it must be unresponsive.

OR, just throwing this out there, get a RESPONSIVE yoyo. Its will make you a smoother player, I promise.

mighty flea

Perhaps a YYJ Mini Mo-Tu? But I must recommend putting either YYJ silicone or YYF K pads in it. It plays awesome once you do that. :wink:

You can’t find Yoyojam silicone around anymore. I would get the Turning Point K-Pads for something different. You have to go to the storefront and click on Turning Point and then K-Pads and there you go. K-Pads also last longer then Yoyojam Silicone. When I got my Mini-Motu I cleaned the bearing so it’s even more unresponsive and then put the silicone in, and there you go. An unresponsive Mini-Motu.

Yeah, I just put some k pads in there. :wink:

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Flying squirrel with silicone stickers in stead of normal friction stickers.

i like the new freehands from duncan for a pocket yoyo. unless i want to actually play 5a then i’ll take a tfl

i can fit most yo-yos in my pocket but for a cheaper one i’d say a dingo like ost others here

Dingo can fit in the Dark Magic if you try to put it on the caps. :wink:

The dingo was designed to fit well in pockets. I read a review where a dude said he got a 10 minute sleeper on his first throw with it, or something like that. Since it’s so slim, it can get a little tilty, but it’s supposed to be silky smooth in terms of play.