Pocket throw


I currently just have a token but I want another pocket throw to have more variety. I was thinking popstar but not sure yet. Price range:$30. Thanks.


If you like the popstar it is a good pocket throw. Although some people don’t like it. It’s a throw that you either love or you hate.

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The Pocket Change is full sized. It got its name from its price.


Aoda Littles. A true pocket throw. The Token and others are just slightly smaller yoyos, only a few mm different than any other throw.


Go for a Dingo… YYE should have more in stock soon!!!


ok I did not know that thanks for telling me ill fix the post

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You’re welcome :slight_smile: That’s not to say it isn’t a good yoyo, but there are better throws in that price range now. There weren’t many in that range to choose from when YYF dropped the Pocket Change. It’s about the size of a Dark Magic.

As far as pocket sized yoyos… The Token seems pretty popular, though I haven’t tried it. I do own a Popstar though. It’s a good yoyo. It has the weight of a full sized throw. Around 66g I think. That makes it feel bigger, though it also feels like a rock at the end of the string. It requires a slightly modified throw, but with a good bearing it will perform well and sleep for a surprisingly long time. Personally, I like it for a pocket throw because it is pretty small but not ridiculously so and can handle any trick, really, and also serves to help train your accuracy.

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Dingo, MiniStar, etc.

Also please do yourself a favor and DO NOT buy a popstar.

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You guys rag so hard on the Popstar. I don’t see anything wrong with it, but then again, it’s the only truly undersized throw I’ve tried. So, my point of reference may be skewed. What makes the others better? Do they play bigger?


I carry any of the following depending on the day:

Dingo, M1, Lyn Fury, 888

They may/may not be considered pocket sized depending on your definition but they do fit into my pocket so no problem carrying them.


It’s a bit too heavy, has weird weight distribution, and has really fickle stability.

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That didn’t answer the question I actually asked.


Haha sorry. Trying to do too many things at once ::slight_smile:

The others are just the opposite of that :stuck_out_tongue:
By others, though, which do you mean? The St. Eel was the only ‘mini’ yoyo I cared for. Haven’t tried a Flea. Littles was ok; a little light for me, though. Token looks promising.


I heard the super wide was a good pocket throw jk


Only good pocket throws at that price are probably the token, the popstar, or the aoda littles.
Out of those I’ve only tried the popstar. To me it feels kind of like a smaller dv888 because it’s a rock on the end of a string, but it’s really fun to play.


Token is really good, just swap the bearing for a center trac. Dont really like cbc response pads. Unforgiving on a bad throw tho…my friend has the popstar. He didn’t like it at first but it’s starting to grow on him a little more.


I think he already has a Token and just wants another pocket throw.


I agree, save about $20 more and get a Dingo. It will be a better fit in your pocket than the token, due to the modified shape. It will be a quality small throw, fits in your pocket great, plays great, and you won’t regret it. If I’m not mistaken YYE will have blue ones and black ones soon.