Pocket yoyo?

I’m looking for a small yoyo to take with me when i have to leave my full sized one at home. Ideally, it should be under $40. I’m looking at the c3 Token but would welcome any other suggestions. Thanks!

I absolutely love my C3 Token, however, it has some break in period because of the pads. Other than that, great pocket throw

The Cascade and 54 are bith nice mid sized throws. Both are over your price range but you could probably find a good deal on the BST. Also the popstar is a really fun undersized yoyo. It isn’t very powerful or good but it sure is fun!

The Yoyofficer Lava is a really nice pocket sized throw. I absolutely love it.

i might be able to just afford a one drop dingo. Is it worth it?

The Lava is not pocket-sized. I believe you mean the Pause, and if so, I agree.

I enjoy the Pause, PopStar, and Token.

Personally I do not care for the Popstar that much. In my experience it did not have that great of a spin time and is a bit unstable, though it is not bad for its price. I like the DV888 for an undersized yoyo, though it does come in at the top of your budget.

If you can find a cheap hatrick, do yourself a favor.