Whats you favorite pocket throw?

I am looking for a new through that goes in my pocket easy. I want one just to Cary with me.

Get an MFD Forte

I dont carry around yoyos much, but the chico kestrel is a good yoyo for that.

Anti-yo y-wet conforms to my pocket nicely :wink:

Any undersized throw really.

Pretty much anything that fits in my pockets… … I wear basketball shorts a lot.


Which one would fit in jeans but u dont really like the mighty flea

got big pockets so anything I want…

nuff said

I have the c3 token, it’s pretty nice. Spin time isn’t great, but for the price it was definitely worth it for me. Plus, they are pretty. If you have the money to spend, go for something else, if you only have 30 bucks to spend, the token can be a nice throw.

Whimsy Pokerface fits in cargo pants pretty nice.

Popstar and token are awsome. And I have heard the yyo fit would ‘’ fit ‘’

recrev neaue

What are the thoughts on the one drop dingo

I’ve never really cared for pocket throws. I like oversized an fullsized generally. As for the best that I’ve tried though, probably a dingo. It’s small enough to fit in a pocket, but it doesn’t feel like it’s sacrificing too much performance despite that.

Except that I don’t know what it is. :wink: But I’d like to know!

As for my choice… hmm… H5xChief!

But no, not really. I don’t put yoyos in my pocket unless it’s to stop them from swinging on my holder. The Werrd Pacquiao is probably the only truly pocketable yoyo I currently own other than my fixies.

I am still in school and i wanted one to be able to take with me and not get a whole lot of attention other wise i would use a hoster. So i either want a pocket one or i will start useing a hoster. Is their any good hoster to make or good ones sold