Small yoyos


Hi I’m looking for good small yoyos around the size of the popstar, token.smaller is ok.




If you can get your hands on a CLYW Campfire, thats a pretty good yoyo for its size!


Why not get a Token then?

Mighty Flea is hard for me to use. As I get better, this will be easier to use.

Aoda Littles. Big performance, small package. Enjoy. Don’t pay more than $18 for one shipped. It uses full sized strings and you can silicone it.


I would say Token is the best, taking into consideration price and play. On par with campfire.


I have a popstar and it is really fun. I have never tried the Token but the things I’ve heard about it are really good.


I have a pop star and token already are there any others?


Aoda Littles.

YYF Mighty Flea

YYF Big Deal(Mighty Flea with stacks)

I think YYJ has the MicroMo or something like that. But, that’s a bit bigger than the rest of the stuff being discussed.

I think Magic YoYo has somthing, but I’m drawing a blank. I’m just too lazy to walk around the table and open a case. I think the T8?


I don’t think they sell the mighty fly any more


Nope. It’s tons of fun though!


There’s that new yoyo from Slithering Hippo made out of delrin. I think it’s call The Answer. It has a diameter of 40 mm. I think it also weighs 40 grams and has a width of 40 mm. I would check it out. It looks pretty cool.


42mm X 42mm and 42 grams.