Should I buy a YYF popstar or an aoda little?

Wanted to downsize and mighty flea and big deal are out of stock

Get a C3 Token, probably the best undersized yoyo for the price, but if you’re looking for novelty small, then the Aoda Littles.

Ok thanks

I’m just looking for a really small one, but I know that I definitely trust YYF

The c3 is even bigger than thempopstar

The popstar

Pillthrill, i had the same problem. On the top right corner of your post theres an edit post function. Use that instead of posting like 4 times :P.

Anyways, the C3 Token is MUCH better and is acually the smoothest throw i have ever tried. Its crazy inexpensive, at the 2nd cheapest C3 besides the Alpha crash (i belive). This is THE best metal for $30 or lower in my opinion, even at such a tiny size. Not just a novelty. Also, the token is only barely bigger then the popstar.

Ok I guess I should get the token

You should.

I’ve decided I will. I can just wait until the possible restock of mighty fleas to get a really small one.

YYF will most likely not be restocking mighty fleas, they were last restocked in 2011 I think (don’t quote me on that). And they said they will be discontinuing them.

The only thing good about the Mighty Flea is portability. So hard to do tricks on.

It’s really fun though. And it’s not THAT hard to use.

As a experienced yoyoer who has not so recently downsized his collections I implore you READ THIS

My undersized collections consists of
YYF popstar
YYF mighty flea

Out of every one the token is the largest of the three. And most expensive.

My recommendation is the popstar it’s my favorite yoyo out of all of them does great finger&arm grinds.

The tokens great to, the only problem is the risk of getting a defect which I believe I’ve gotten and I’m going to clean the Bering on it.

Get the popstar.

The mighty flea was discontinued a very long time ago. I had to go through A LOT To get my hands on one

Clyw campfire

i think thats a bit above the price point…

Token is definitely not in the same league as the Littles and Popstar in terms of size. It’s basically just a slightly undersized throw. I really like my Littles. Cheap, plays well, and small enough for your pocket without being so small it needs special string or is really difficult to play. Popstar i don’t hear great things about, but the price is certainly right. I have a Something Angle XS on its way to me that i’m super excited to try. Here’s Mickey playing with the Angle XS - very cool: