The C3 Token was released tonight, and I wanted to get some other thoughts on it. I noticed that it costs $.50 less than the Trigger, which is made from Celclon. I think that there’s no way anyone is going to pass up the Token to buy a Trigger for the same price.
Do you think that the Trigger will besuccessful despite the Token being sold for the same price?

(Kei) #2

I think it will. In fact I’m thinking about getting both.


Both should be a massive success imo.


I can’t think of any reason someone would cross-shop a tiny 48mm aluminum pocket throw and a 55mm Celcon…


I played with the token and I was impressed actually… But can’t wait to try a trigger … Hopefully someone in our club will buy one lol

(Jerrod) #6



Had the absolute luxury of throwing a couple of the Tokens. An amazingly stable little throw.


I have a Token. Looks cute and plays ok, but not up to par with most larger sized throws.

Price may be similar but the Trigger is a completely different throw. The Token is more of novelty throw while the Trigger is player, or at least I assume as much from feedback so far.


Not really comparable are they, besides price? The Trigger is a full size “delrin-type” and the token is a really undersize metal.

I didn’t even consider the Token when I picked up the Trigger. Not really interested in it, plus I’m currently on a little plastic kick, trying to find ones that can compete with or best my metals. Protostar, C3 Halo, and DM2 are pretty great players so far.

I don’t know how either plays but I would probably recommend them for different people. If this is what the budget allows for your main player than the Trigger is probably the one to go with. Token seems to be more of a “fun” throw to spice up a larger collection.


I won a Trigger a couple of weeks ago so I don’t need that(I NEED another, but I will wait).

The Token, no-brainer. Just got one. I wanted to get one for my kid for his birthday, but another store did NOT have them in stock, so got him a G-Funk instead. If he likes my Token I’ll get him one too.


The token isn’t on the drop down menu from the shopping section…


I love my Token. Can’t put it down. I thought that the Trigger was okay…but I really thought it looked cheap, especially with the stickers. The Token looks very professional and haw great ano jobs. But I do like them both.


Ive played both and to me the Token is more my style. I do not like plastic yoyo’s very much and the weight and size are outside my comfort zone. The Token while very small plays HUGE!!! I threw in a KK and its great. The pads need a good break in as the gap is not huge. GREAT YOYO.


^ I don’t own a Trigger, but he recommended I buy a Token, because I like small throws, and it is a great throw. Highly recommended!



I’m a big YYJ fan. I like their products. Of what I have, I have more YYJ than anything else, with more to come.

I’m really enjoying the Trigger a lot. I won one, after having played one at BAC and then desiring one ever since then. It’s got what I want, good feel, great size and weight, good shape, good weight distribution. I like stuff on the full size of things. The price is absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to BUY a second.

The Token, well, I’ll know more in a few days when it gets here. It’s a shape I like, but a size I don’t typically go for, but hey, I’m willing to bet it’s a good player. I’m sure it will find a purpose and reason to stay in the collection. I’ve so far been pleased with the DiBase and Halo.

I see these yoyos mostly catering to different users due to several factors. Both can appeal to budget-minded users based on price. The Token will cater to smaller kids(smaller hands) and parents supporting their new kid in yoyo due to price. The Token will also cater to first metal buyers and people who like under-sized. The Trigger will cater to 1A and 5A people, fans of plastic, fans of JD, as well as anyone looking for a great cost-effective yoyo. Then people like me, who despite having preferences, buy all over the spectrum and like variety.

I see both doing very well. My only warning is that the Token is going to be very small. For me, the Token will be used to help dial in tricks. The small size gives me less “target zone” and will force me to improve my technique. The Trigger is just plain fun!

However, not to distract, but I’m having trouble putting down my YYF Diffusion! YYR shape in a heavily rim-weighted plastic, plus 2 bearings and shims to get things where you want it.