C3 Token or YYJ Trigger


When my Grandparents get me a gift they really want me to have a definite idea of what I want (as in a list). I’m trying to decide if I should ask them for a C3 Token, a YYJ Trigger or something else. Their price range is probably around $20-$30.


I really like my Token. It’s a nice, small, pocket throw that is also very functional. Really good bang for your buck. It performs very well for a small throw, and is really nice in general.


Thanks for the advice! I was leaning towards the Token already cause it’s all metal.


To clarify, you do know that the token is a very small yoyo in comparison with the Trigger. I would also suggest either the Classic w/ a spare bearing or Surge. The Alpha Crash is also in your price range.


LOL, funny how I see this right after I played with my friends Token.

Anyway, I really liked it. It plays like a normal-sized throw (this is coming from my experience with the POPStar’s sub-par performance). It’s also great for finger grinds, although I didn’t thumb grind with it, because I didn’t want to possibly scratch his yoyo. I might consider getting one, since my POPStar is “out of order”.


Yeah, like a lot of small throws, I found the POPstar to be much too dense. C3 did it right with the Token: They managed to make a pocket throw that plays extremely well, something that isn’t very usual in this low of a price spectrum.


The Token is really phenomenal for its small size. It’s nimble and plays as well as most yoyos much larger than it IMO. Not to mention that it comes in some really cool colorways. I highly reccommend it.


I’ve actually already got a Surge. I quite like the Surge (it started me on Unresponsive) but it’s a bit heavy for my tastes. I actually really like the idea of an all metal pocket size yoyo. I’ve found myself carrying around 5 yoyos with me at a time and it can get a bit heavy XD The Alpha Crash also looks pretty fun, but I like all metal.


The Token is very good. One of my favorite overall yoyos, not just for a “pocket throw”.