yyf dv888 or other yoyos


i need a metal or compsite yoyo that is under 70 buck that is unresponsive, no or some vibe and is can be full or under sized, also that can grind. please help and thanks


The DV888 is a great throw. Maybe if you give us some more information we can offer some more suggestions. For example, do you want a bigger yoyo or an undersized? Do you prefer them heavier or lighter? Do you play faster or slower? Do you want to do any grinding tricks?

Off the top of my head with no other information, I’d recommend a C3 Capless or sOMEThING FirMY as two great metal throws.



I got a dv888 from my brother and it was pretty beat up but it still throws amazing and one of my favorite throws for under $70 but if that is your limit you should think about the YYF boss. it is a great throw and has a strong spin and the response is good with the binds.


I’m gonna recommend the C3 DiBase and RecRev Facade and TA-1, as I don’t have a lot in the $70 range. Why? It’s just how things worked out.

I find the dv888 to be kinda bland. That’s my opinion, not “fact”.

There are plenty of others, but those are two I recommend that are full metals.

If you’re not into full metal, the C3 Halo is delrin and pretty sweet. The RecRev TA-1S is also Delrin and under $70 I believe.

These may not fit your needs. We don’t know your preferences. I have preferences, but can and do consider and buy stuff outside those specifications.


thank for all of the help. i choose the di base and it was the best yoyo i ever had with an addition of better grinds and plays better than a 888. overall great yoyo but the thing is that the first time you get it is that the bearing is stuck to the seat so a couple a pliers and force get it out anyway best yoyo i ever bought.


Get a YYF BOSS, or a G-Funk. They both are great undersized throws.