Pretty tired of YYF and YYJ

Hey guys,
Like my title says im pretty tired of my YYF and YYJ throws. I need a little more variation. I really only throw my dv888 about now. Shape doesnt matter, I would prefer a smaller yoyo, and something I can play fast. Price $50-$60. Thanks guys I appreciate any feedback!

i think you should Czech out God Tricks, Chico Yoyo Company, and Rec Rev. They have fantastic metals that are very cheap but play very well.

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YYF and YYJ offer plenty of variation in their brands.

Get a DiBase or a Halo. Mega fun, mega sweet.

Feel free to shop any brands you’re not tired of. Plenty of good stuff out there.

Rec Rev has some great throws right now especially the TA-1 for only $40 it plays like an $80 yoyo

C3 Di Base, Halo, and Capless are all incredible.

From the specs and reviews (I haven’t thrown them) to me it looks like the Di Base and the Capless would give you the most dramatic change in experience from the dv888 (which I have thrown) within your price range.

Of course I recommend opening up your price range a bit and buying a onedrop, 3yo3, General-Yo, SPYY or CLYW in used condition off of BST.

For example you can get a SPYY Revenger for $50 raw or $62 ano’d off of CaribouNick’s BST:,48082.0.html

Yoyogeezer has a 3yo3 BassLine for $60 and a onedrop MarkMont Obsidian for only $70,48073.0.html

djmatz has both a Halo and a Di Base for $45 each and a SPYY Punchline for only $50,44269.0.html

Those are great deals by people with flawless feedback. I’ve purchased from one of them and it could not have been better. I’m sure any of those 7 throws would be worth your time and money.

Dig deep in BST OR if you insist on buying retail get something by RecRev or C3.

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