What should i get??????

I am wondering what should be my next yoyo. I started yo-yoing fairly recently but i know how to bind and do some pretty advanced tricks already. Im looking to get a new yoyo but i don’t know what i should get. I have DV888 and i apsolutely love it but i just want to throw something new.

I have a budget of 60$ and am looking good yoyo with good sleeping time, and one that is easy to catch on the string.

I need your guys help!!!

I honestly think the DV888 is probably the best yoyo under $60. For just a few more dollars I’d probably ideally get a Yuuksta, but it’s not really worth it imo if you already have the 888.

I heard di base is amazing for 55 dollars, but I’m really not sure cause I’ve never tried anything but the dark magic…

If you can add another $3.33 to your budget, the YYJ Inspire is supposed to be pretty awesome.


I’d go with a werrd hour while they’re still $60. It will be $65 after shipping, but well worth it. If you’re looking for new, the hour should be different enough from your 888 while still performing excellently.

I Agree with him! It would be very worth it and totally different style of play. It’s heavy, similarly to the dv888 but it doesn’t play fast and heavy like the dv, it’s floaty when not on the string.

I have some yoyos for sale that are $50 and under on my bst, almost all mint. I pmed you!


Get a Di Base!

It’s amazing!!!

In my experience, the Di Base, at under $60, is a great way to go, probably the best(I know, there is no best).

You might also check out RecRev. This is another amazing brand with insane prices.

I love recrev. They make crazy good throws for super cheap

I’d say either something from recrev (never tried a recrev I didn’t love) or the hour. heard the hour is fantastic.

The hour IS fantastic. Just got mine in today. ;D

I agree with the Hour! It’s an amazing yo-yo (setting all biases aside from being on the team) it’s one of my favorite yoyos and the price makes it even better!

I’ve never thrown the hour, but it is a huge size difference from your dv888. So if you want to throw something different it could be a good way to go. Lots of people seem to like it.

I really like my di-base, it has a nice solid feel to it without being too heavy. I can push it pretty fast without it becoming unstable (I’m not a very fast player, though). It’s also not hard to catch on the string since it is nice and wide for it’s diameter.

I didn’t like the bearing that came with it, though. It was noisy and kind of low on spin time. It probably just needs cleaning, but I got fed up and just threw a twisted trifecta in there and I’m loving it now. It was a little tough to get the bearing out: thirty minutes in the freezer followed by a couple of minutes of wiggling it with some pliers. With the new bearing it has nice spin times during tricks and combos.

The di-base is a only a bit larger than your dv888 in both diameter and width. If you’re looking for something not too much different in size to the dv888 I think the di-base is a good choice.

If you don’t mind a used yoyo, the bst thread is a great place to look as well. As long as you find someone with good feedback you shouldn’t have to worry about the transaction being “risky” and you can get some very nice deals on good yoyos.

~Z has a yuuksta for $45

I wouldn’t get a Yuuksta. I hate mine.

But that’s just me.

Get a DiBase or RecRev.

Just got an Hour in today and its great. Definitely recommend it.


I had a yuuksta for a very short time, and I hated it. It’s very unstable.

I have an hour have tried a bunch of under $60 yoyos.

I would say get the hour. The blue color looks amazing if you can get it. There are so many positive things to say about this yoyo.

Next IMO is the di-base and insipre for obvious reasons. They are good

I wouldn’t get a dv888 simply because it is one of the most common yoyos and you can always get one.