Which yoyo!

Hey guys, I’m in the advanced section now, and I really want a new throw. I have a DM2 right now. Don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing, but I want a little change and i want to build a collection, not just have one yoyo :-. So, I’ve got a 60$ budget and I’m thinking about getting a Dv888 or Di Base. Please help me choose. I like the feel of the Dark Magic 2, so if you have any other suggestions, preferably metal or bi-metal, that are better suited for me and are in my budget feel free to state them. Thanks for your help guys!

Well you could get the OD Cafe Racer which is $60, it is really amazing, or if you don’t want to spend that much the YYF Proto/North Stars are pretty good also (I got a protostar after the DM2 and it is sooooo much better) :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help but I think I’ll get the dv888. I’ve heard good things about the Cafe Racer, but it’s a little too light, I like in the high sixties.

Great choice. The DV888 is a good throw.

Trust me, the diBase is a much better competition-geared throw.

Di Base. They will restock soon.

I have a dv888 and I got a Dibase at CalStates for $50 yesterday with the CalStates logo on it. Bronze finish.

I’m still getting used to it, but for the money, it’s a major serious player. I like it better than the dv888 and that’s a darn nice yoyo. But the Dibase is not in that category, it’s above it based on how it plays.

Note: I was going to get a DiBase herez(YYE), but with a $5 savings, no sales tax(well, they factored that into the reduced price) and no shipping and no waiting(They were set up like right across from my sound system, teasing me all day long), I couldn’t wait! I’m currently playing it without the weight rings and greatly enjoying it.

Well then after what everyone said, and a little research, I’ve chosen to change my mind. The dv888 is good, but i think I’d like the the Di Base better. Thanks everyone for your help!

Good choice! I had a Di-base once.