dv888 vs. Cafe Racer

I’ve been looking around and have a budget of $65 the best ones I’ve found are the dv888
and the One Drop Cafe Racer. Which one should I get? If you have any other ideas for a yoyo in my price range feel free to tell me. I found another one i really like the RecRev Oscillatrix that one looks really good or the hspin beysick

Cafe racer or di base I recommend the cafe racer tho anytime u got the chance to get a one drop go for it u won’t regret it

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I have the dv888, I have the Cafe Racer and I have the DiBase.

These are all within your budget.

The dv888 is a big kinda, well, it’s a good yoyo. It plays like it costs, but even so, it still plays good. In the hands of the right person, well, their preference may vary from mine, and that’s perfectly fine. I like this yoyo, but it’s not one I find myself drawn to.

The Cafe Racer, it plays great. It’s good, but the stock bearing is a OD budget 10-Ball, so a bearing upgrade is definitely in order. A standard OD 10-ball is a great upgrade, but now we’re adding $10 to the price.

Then we come to the DiBase. I’m actually playing this one a lot these days. Some people say the stock bearing isn’t really letting the yoyo be all that it can be. I’m pretty happy with it. It includes weight rings, which I find myself not even wanting to use. At $55, I got mine at CalStates for $50, and it’s got the way-cool CalStates logo on it, which makes it all the more valuable for me, because it’s a permanent reminder of how much fun I had not only at the contest, it also being my first contest, and it being the first yoyo contest I ran sound at. But, personal attachment aside, I really like this yoyo. The size and shape really works good for me. I like the V-shapes and the rounded rims make it very comfortable to hold and to throw.

I like One Drop. The Dibase, well, sorry One Drop, but if I compare the Cafe Racer to the DiBase, my preferences are the DiBase. But, all three are good, solid, well performing yoyos that you could also compete with. I’m very glad I have all three.

I even let my 5.5 year old son play them all yesterday. I’m trying to see what undersized yoyo to get him. He’s of no use. Playing those and stuff like the Magic YoYo N8 and T6, Dietz, Gnarwal, Campfire, Wooly Marmot and other high-cost throws, all I can get from him is “smooth”. The real test came today when having access to all the same stuff again, the one yoyo he chose was the DiBase. There’s got to be something behind that. It could just be because that’s what I was using Sunday when helping him get down his side bind. I don’t know. But there’s got to be more than what meets the eye going on here. Of course, he’s also stated a STRONG preference for the Albatross too, even over other stuff I have that he’s played.

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I own both these yoyos and a DiBase. I believe that the DiBase surpasses all of the others in terms of play. I’m a big One Drop fan, but when I got my Caferacer, I just wasn’t feeling it. It wasn’t bad, it just didn’t stand out. I personally think the DV888 is the worst performing yoyo out of the three (still a good throw). Not a shot against YYF, but the other two are much higher quality for the price.

The DiBase is a good all-around throw that can fill all of your 1a yoyoing needs.Like Studio said, if a 5.5 year old is going to a DiBase more than any other yoyo out of a huge selection (which include major powerhouses from CLYW and One Drop), it’s got to be good. I would go with the DiBase.

I have the CafeRacer and a Di Base. I prefer the CafeRacer when I want to be more relaxed, and the Di Base is more of a fast competitive throw. Just a pleasure to throw both, although totally different feels. No comment on the Dv888

I have a Di Base and had a DV888. I prefer the Di Base. Haven’t played a Cafe Racer, though. (when I got the Di Base the Cafe Racer was my second choice)

Dv888 is good but heavy and feels like a break at the end of the string
Cafe Racer is better for more relaxed play

but if you want performance at this price you should go for the Yuuksta