Di Base vs Cafe Racer. What's Better?

Hey everyone, this is my first new topic, and I need some help. I’m about to buy my first metal, and I have it narrowed down three:

  • C3yoyodesign Di Base
  • Yoyofactory Dv888
  • One Drop Cafe Racer

Post your favorite! Thanks




I’d take Di Base.

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Im getting a Di Base and likley a DV888 ill tell you how i like them when i get them

Well, I have never played any of them but the caferacer, and it is great. If you want an undersized it should be your go to throw.

The DI base

I’ve tried the Cafe Racer and DV888. To me it is not even close: Cafe Racer 100% DV888 just felt cheap (well it honestly is cheaper) but didn’t feel that great and I traded it within a week or two. The Cafe Racer (I actually have it with me right now at work) really is an amazing throw and probably should be an $85.00 throw not a $60.00 one. It is really really good and comfortable. I’ve heard great things about the DI Base, but I keep the Cafe Racer as my tag along throw, it is small enough for your pocket and I take it every where with me. When I’m at home I throw the One Drop Burnside as my favorite, but when I’m out and about the Cafe Racer goes every where with me. I hope you get one, they are awesome!

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Honestly, I am so tired of hearing about how great the Cafe Racer is. I have one and I think it is marginal at best. Every time I throw the Cafe Racer - I wish it had more rim weight - and the the string constantly hits those high walls causing the yoyo to lose its momentum in a hurry.

The Di Base has a larger gap allowing you to carry more speed and momentum with no walls to grind your speed away with. It is also extremely well made. To me it is like a $100 throw.

Well, that’s your opinion, everyone is entitled to their own.

I do like to hear some honest opinion, though. Seem’s like people walk a little too softly sometimes, like they’re afraid they’re going offend people. I personally always thought the Cafe Racer looked like it needed more rimweight.

I’d take the Di Base any day.

I have the dv888. It’s nothing amazing, but it’s not bad either. It’s kind of “this is your average metal throw”. I like it, but it’s not ever going to be a favorite. I have no issue recommending it, but it’s if you want an affordable metal. You could get better with a Duncan Raptor based on what other people say.

I like One Drop, but I don’t have a Cafe Racer. That may change soon. I have a Code 1, 54 and a MMN. Great stuff. Oh, the MMN is shaped very similar to the dv888, but they play nothing like each other. Obviously I feel the MMN is a better yoyo.

The Di base, I have no opinion on, but lots of people seem to like it.

I can’t see your two primary choices doing you wrong. If I had to pick, I’d say Cafe Racer.

mmm i would have to say di base on this one.

Hey, I want to make clear about my comment above.

I am in NO WAY trying to bash the Cafe Racer. For the $60 price tag - it is a great value and an awful lot of fun to play. Playing it makes me a better player because I have to be more precise in hitting the gaps. But I personally do not believe it is as great as some make it out to be.

That’s all.