Cafe Racer vs DV888

I just got some birthday money from my relatives. I was wondering if I should get a One Drop Cafe Racer or a YYF DV888. I heard many great things about the Cafe Racer, although I’ve never tried it. I’ve tried my friend’s DV888 and loved it. It was very smooth on the string. Which one should I pick?

If I had the money, I would definitely get a cafe racer.

Very good for price in my opinion. ^^^

get a cafe racer, you’ll love it. the dv888 is fun, but overrated in my opinion.

I have both.

Cafe Racer.

Dv888 is nice, worth the money, great yoyo, but NOTHING amaizing. Cafe Racer is really nice.

Another vote for Cafe Racer here…

I have both - DV888 is nice - Racer is better… it stands up to throws twice it’s price…

Yes cafe racer all the way. Smoother and One Drop is a great company that makes there Yoyo’s right here in the USA.

In that price range I would choose Di Base. Plays like a premium yoyo at budget yoyo price.

Cafe Racer definetly. The Di Base is also an awesome yoyo. Cant put mine down