Birthday yoyo


Should I get the cafe racer its my first one drop and I don’t want to spend a penny more I’m ok I know 15+ tricks and can bind I have the Popstar grind machine and whip


Cafe Racer’s OK, also heard good things about the FIRMY by Something.

(YoYo_Freak) #3

You should look at the C3 Di Base.

(laxdude99) #4

The cafe racer is great and if you have your sights set on picking up a onedrop the cafe racer is perfect for you


The Cafe Racer is nice. It’s not bad. I find for the money, the DiBase agrees with me much better. However, it’s not a fair comparison because they are different shapes. It’s also $5 less.

But if you’re set on a Cafe Racer, get it. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.