YOYos similiar to Cafe rAcer

What are some yoyos similar to the cafe racer??

for size, id say Yomega dash? except the dash might be a tad bit bigger.

for skill, i have no idea. :slight_smile:

For me, the Cafe Racer is a nice yoyo. A big step up from the dv888 in some ways.

I prefer the Dietz if I have to stay smaller sized and One Drop. Even the M1 I really like over the Cafe Racer. I do like the Cafe Racer.

What I do like is the C3 YoYoDesign Di Base, if we’re talking price comparisons. As far as “bang for the buck”, this is where I’d make the recommendation. I feel this outperforms the Cafe Racer in performance, playability, play styles and even in price. And the Cafe Racer is really great for the price too.

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