Which Yoyo?

(YoYo_Freak) #1

Which of these would be good for me? I prefer smaller yoyos, about 2 inches diameter, not to light. :slight_smile:


I would go with the cafe racer if it were me.


Putting the list in as I dislike it when the lists aren’t included in the posting for reference.

RecRev Oscillatrix
One Drop Cafe Racer
HSpin Icon
HSpin Beysick
C3 Yoyo DI Base
RecRev Sharp
YYJ Cerberus
YYJ Speeder 2
Shinwoo Zen
Shinwoo Zen 4
Shinwoo Zen 5
Shinwoo Zen 6
YYJ Dark Magic II

I’m waiting and waiting(and waiting) for my Sharp to come back. It’s in transit! Yay! Should be here Monday. But it is a bit heavy.

I am definitely a fan of the DM2. Can’t recommend that enough. I also really like the Speeder2. I gt some other YYJ plastic/metals purchases planned, as well as the new Karma, but I’m going to hold off on the Karma due to price for a bit.

I have a Beysick but the seller crammed an A-bearing in there so I have to order a D-bearing. I like the Terrapin X Bearings so I’ll be adding that to my next order(I need some others as well).

The Di Base just landed on my wants list.

One Drop makes amazing stuff too. The Cafe Racer is especially well received.

You got a lot of good stuff on that list.


The shinwoo zens are really underrated. These yoyos come with crappy bearings but if you replace them with a centertrack they become dead smooth. You should really consider the number 5.