Budget addition

I have $50 in certificates to YYE for my placing in the Sport divisions, and I can’t really make a decision on a yoyo.

I am looking for something high in performance, but also a yoyo that is just fun.

I currently have in my collection:

YYC Koy (x2)
YYF Horizon
YYF Replay
YYR Rebellion Butcher
C3 Token
Yomega Glide
YYF Catalyst
Duncan Torque

Let me know what you all recommend! It can be plastic or metal

I would go for a Shutter

Already had a shutter. Thanks though!

Yoyofficer Lava.

I vote Horizon. It is my go to beater that I take almost everywhere. :slight_smile:

Yoyofactory Cyborg 2.0

Or yoyofactory 2hot

Or yoyofactory Czech point.

any yyo is good

Yoyofficer Orbis. Smooth and light.

TooHOT for life!


Yes, the TooHot is really good.

Since I dont really like too hot shape, I will go with glide or butcher

Listen to the guys who are suggesting Yoyofficer throws. There are simply no better yoyos in their price range in the market in my opinion.

The Musket is a great stable, solid choice.
The Quash is a great mega fast mid size.
Orbis is very light, excellent for zonts and super long spinning.
The imp is silky smooth feeling, light and maneuverable.

The Hatchet 2… Well… an incredible balance of everything.

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I own musket and Jaeger
I found musker to be more fast but relax pace of play
Jaeger is totally fun yoyo with easy catch
Found a cheap orbis somewhere and manage to get it somehow


Though this may be $15 dollars over budget, I would definitely go with the RecRev 1st gen. Octave. I have had mine for a year and a half and absolutely love it! If you can find one, it is a great choice!