Shutter vs TooHOT


Hey guys,

I made a post earlier and I wanted what was the better yoyo between the shutter and the horizon. From the comments the shutter seemed better. I did some research and heard that the TooHot is also a good throw. Which would you guys recommend? Thanks :smiley:

(I would like to have a balanced yoyo that’s pretty good for fingerspins and grinds.)


You can’t go wrong either way! Even with the horizon. If you are relatively a beginner, it will not matter too much. Pick one that you think looks cool and go with it! :slight_smile:


For fingerspins: Horizon > Shutter > TooHOT

For grinds: Shutter = TooHOT > Horizon

Comfort: TooHOT > Shutter > Horizon

Stability: Horizon > TooHOT > Shutter

Speed: They’re about the same

Also, pretty much all of the YYF budget metals are really good for the price, so I’d just pick whichever one you think you’d like the shape/size of best. This includes the Shutter, Horizon, TooHOT, Czechpoint Genesis, Aluminum Dream, Aviator 2, Dogma, and Cypher. Since you mentioned fingerspins directly, the best of those are Horizon > Shutter > Czechpoint = Aviator 2

Last, The Shu-Ta and Cyborg 2.0 are both good deals at $65, as they’re made from 7075, and the Superstar 2016 is pretty much a steal at $75 for a bimetal.

Can’t really go wrong with any of those.


I like the Too HOT the best out of the bunch. For my money, it’s probably the best budget metal YYF has produced.


Czech point.


I have a Shutter and TOO HOT but not a horizon. My TOO HOT is my favorite yoyo but the Shutter is really close behind it. You’ll be happy with either one, or at least, I don’t think there’s anything about either which will make you say “Wow, that’s awful, I wish I bought the other one”.

For me, I think the TOO HOT is slightly more stable. By “stable” I mean that when I put the strings off plane the TOO HOT doesn’t tend to tilt over quite as fast as the Shutter. That being said: the Shutter is the yoyo that’s been in my backpack as my daily throw for the past couple of months.

Honestly, they’re both great. And I hear that people who can do finger spins really like the Horizon a lot. I can’t do finger spins so I wouldn’t know. However, if finger spins are a big deciding factor then I’d go with the Horizon.

They’re all great throws though, I don’t think you can make a bad choice between those 3.


I think the horizon is the best budget metal for sure


Shutter is Intro level, Horizon for fingerspins, and the rest all have their specialties.


The dogma is better than all 3 imo


I hear very little about the dogma. It is really nice though! :slight_smile:


It’s super good you should try one it’s one of the best yyfs


I had one for a while, then I traded it for an offer of 2 yoyos I couldn’t resist. (G5 and B-grade shuta)


I got a Dogma in last year’s Mystery Box. I’d have to say that the Dogma is a better yoyo than I am as a player. It’s the first yoyo I’ve thrown that makes me think “I’m not good enough to use this yoyo”.

The Dogma is very fast. Because of that it’s not nearly as stable as the TOO HOT (which was the other yoyo in the Mystery Box). This is really noticeable when doing a gyro twist. The Dogma flips way faster than the TOO HOT. I think this is because the Dogma doesn’t have the weight pushed out to the rim as much as the TOO HOT or Shutter. This makes it a bit less stable, but much quicker to change directions and also makes it (here it comes ) “FLOATY:wink:

Yeah, the Dogma is an amazing yoyo. But it’s a much different feeling yoyo than the original 3 choices.