Ideal yoyo for advanced 1a


I am a beginner to yo-yoing, however i can perform various binds and most simple tricks…i now want to upgrade to a metal yoyo for advanced 1a, my preferences are:

1)Long sleep time
2)Stable yoyo, one that keeps axis of rotation horizontal
3)No need for good performance in horizontal play
4) Assistant for thumb grinds or finger spins is NOT needed.
5) Completely ,totally, Unresponsive.

There are many good throws that fit these preferences like the draupnir but my range is $50-$60 and i think we could get some pretty qualiy stuff in this range, right now i am considering Shutter or Too Hot.
Thanks a lot for help☺


The Too Hot is the best throw ever!

I like it more than anything else I own.

The Horizon is a close second.

I’d pick it over the shutter every time, especially since you want stability and spin time.

Those two things are the main strengths of the too hot, I’ve thrown bi-metals that were not as strong and stable.

The only downside that people note, is that some don’t like the shape in the hand.
But once you get used to it, I actually prefer it.


Axis mixtape

(Erik Kerber ) #4

I would say the Too Hot or Shutter are your best bets


Check out a One Drop Benchmark H @ $58-60 bucks.


I’d go with a One Drop Benchmark V or H.


I like the Horizon yoyo because It’s really smooth for grinding and it spins for as long time.


I second this


Titanium Shutter




Kingyostar Pun


Mine fits all of the categories-it doesn’t bind back to my hand XD