What should my next yo-yo be? :-)

I have 2 yo-yos (A plastic Recess First Base and a metal Shutter). I was thinking something in the $100 or less range. I prefer metal over plastic and I have never thrown a bi-metal. Maybe it would be a good idea to get a bi-metal to have variety? I have also noticed that Horizon gets mentioned with Shutter. Are they similar yo-yos? As far as my skill goes, I’m still on the Advanced trick section. It would be nice to have a yo-yo that can perform better at certain things than my Shutter can. I was thinking the Civility from another site may be a good choice since it is supposed to be very good at horizontal tricks. Maybe I should get something that is really good at finger grinds (Are finger grinds easier to learn than horizontal?) Hmm, what do you suggest? :slight_smile:

Kenshin is a very good performing mono metal. The iyoyo steel is a great and stable bimetal. Both are about $100 and both are as stable as the horizon. Kenshin is 7068 and very durable, it is also really light - it is performance on a string. My fav yoyo overall.

If you get the steel, note that some colors are polished and some are blasted.

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I got a manatee it’s very nice for grinds finger spins and fast or slow speeds. Oh the compass isn’t bad, the space crown ultra, replay cheap and I have nothing bad to say about it. Also could try pop star.

Ill give a +1 for Manatee, but it is wide, which some people may not like. Im not usually fond of wider throws, but Manatee is just fantastic and different from the two you have.

First Base and Shutter are two great first yoyos. Bi-metals are usually about rim weight, stability and spin time (something you can get in a Horizon – great throw) but they can get wonky after you bash them on the floor (ring separates). You might want to try something undersized. The YYF Boss and OD Prescription are two easy to find and excellent throws that are under the average diameter.

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Go straight to the top and get a One Drop Kuntosh 5000qv. I’ve got a pile of top metal performers including 2 titaniums, and I just continue to reach for the qv. Yes, it’s that good. plus its 7075 aluminum, so it’s more durable than most other metals.

if people are still talking about the QV in a month, ill look into it. Right now it really just seems the hype train is filled to capacity and haulin full steam ahead. If that momentum continues Ill check it out, but as it stands, im still reserved.

I’m not much of the hype train. I have even been know to pass on things that were proven to be good just because of hype before. Now with that said I’m going to have to vouch for the above statement on the 5000qv. But keep in mind the H shape is my preferred shape. I love my new kuntosh, and everyday i love it more and more.

Good to know! After trying most shapes i found i tend to favor soft O’s and an occasional V. I appreciate the feedback. :slight_smile:

I guess I’m just not seeing much hype on this. But there should be. It reminds me of a number of years ago when the original General-Yo Torrent came out. No hype at all. It didn’t sell out for a full 6 weeks, and that was only a run of 60. Not too many people knew how good it was until much later when it reached legendary status.

I was also thinking a heavier and super stable yo-yo may be good for me as well. Maybe something like the Radical Seas Set Sail? For some of the colors “B-grade” is next to them, any idea what that means?

If I were you I’d get a horizon. It’s super affordable but really stable and long spinning

Cheap stable: horizon

Super stable but more expensive: masamaxx

Mid range stable : superstar bimetal

Also agreed. Perfect bimetal starter. killer price.

I worry about the durability of bi metals.

im using superstar 2016 to learn 5A with. Your mileage may vary, but mine still smooth and quiet after lots and lots of drops, smacks, and whacks.

Personally never thought it was that crazy stable. Personally would go with the horizon over it.

B-grade means there is some slight imperfection. Sometimes a flaw in the anodizing, sometimes it might be a slight vibe. Usually the reason will be listed. Sometimes you won’t even be able to tell what’s wrong with it once you have the yoyo.

I’m considering the Core Co. Standard. I think it would be a nice yo-yo to keep in my pocket. I like that it performs like a metal yo-yo and that it’s durable (The Standard’s shells are thin enough to flex and bounce, but sturdy enough not to crack. This makes for an incredibly durable yo-yo).