First metal yo-yo?


Any recommendations for my first metal yo-yo? Also, besides price, what are the differences between intro, mid-range, and premium metal yo-yos?


Premium gives you that premium feel, more options to choose from, and more material options.

For you, go with a mid range. $30-$60 can get you a ton of great yoyos! Horizon, shutter, too hot just to name a few.

People are going to recommend relatively those three yoyos. At your level it probably doesn’t matter really which one you get because you probably don’t know really what you like. Find one that you think looks cool out of those and buy it. That’s what I recommend.


… in fact, and the feelings are very impalpable… :smiley:

My advice

  • Bi-metal: Magicyoyo … Stealth or Katana … so much stuff for little cost …
  • Mono-metal: Clyw Manatee … cost a bit 'more, but you have a complete yoyo which is fine for relaxing like to go on stage.

Whatever happens, have fun!


In my opinion a clyw Avalanche feels much nicer than magic yoyo or budget yyf :wink: don’t get me wrong yyf is probably my favorite brand but clyw just has something special feeling to it.

I would stay away from bi metals if you are a relatively new yoyoer. You are more likely to hit them on the ground and such which may dislodge the rings.



As Avalanche is a sensational yoyo, I have not suggested it because I don’t think will be able to find it very easily … so I proposed only current production yoyo.


I was just choosing a general yoyo that was nice but hey I know someone who has an Avalanche on their bst :wink:


ok, ok…


Thanks for the suggestions, I think my plan will be to finish using all of my strings (I bought a 25 pack and I’m replacing the string each week- playing everyday). Then I’ll get a mid-range and buy 50 strings. After I’m done with those strings, I’ll upgrade to a premium and hopefully my skills will be up there.

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Well if thats the case, youll be pro in a week if your using kitty, or a year if your using a single cloud string. HAha jk

I started with a Shutter and went up from there. No worries. It isnt so much “which one” but rather “getting one” thats important. Cances are youll love it. If for some reason the shape or weight feels off to you, the BST forums are usually a pretty easy place to shuffle stuff around.


On second thought maybe I’ll just get a new yo-yo every month :slight_smile:

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Sounds about right. ahaha


Sadly 1 new yoyo a month is an extremely slow month for me…


I went ahead and bought the shutter contest pack. It was on sale and came with 5 strings, lube, multi-tool, and a yo-yo holster all for $50.

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Excellent start. Welcome!