Bi-metal vs metal

Are you able to describe the difference in play with a metal versus a bi-metal? Which do you prefer? Do more expensive yo-yos play better than cheaper ones (Like a $50 versus $100)? Also, any recommendations for a yo-yo that is different from a Shutter (Like a different shape or wider or better at a specific type(s) of trick)? I’m looking to add variety to my collection.

Brandon vu made a YouTube video on this topic. There is a difference apparently in spin time, that should be the main difference but other than that it’s just your preference whether you think it’s worth it. There are some mono metals that play just as good as a bi metal, there are some well made bi metals where you can actually notice the difference. I think that some more expensive yoyos play not significantly better but have that premium feeling like there was actual work done into it. Everything above $30 yoyos nowadays play great for a good price and there are yoyos under $100 that play just as good as more expensive ones. But the more expensive ones might be better, I’ve only played with a few, it just depends if you will take advantage of all the good qualities of the more expensive yoyos. The current clyw yoyos like the manatee and compass aren’t too expensive and had that premium feel, One drop has some amazing quality yoyos at a great price and a variety of shapes and sizes, the gauntlet and vanguard are amazing.

I’m personally not the biggest bimetal fan. There are definetly ones that are really nice and unique feeling but I feel like there are cheaper, monometals that feel just as stable and the such. I would highly recommend trying a horizon to get a very stable feel. It also is good for fingerspins.

Brendon Vu made a good point saying that no bimetal has been used to win 1a at worlds since 2012(I think). The main advantege of Bimetals is that they can have spin power equal to a heavy yoyo with a lighter weight, and that is great for people who like light yoyos. However, Shion Arya won worlds with a 63 gram monometal, so I think that shows that winning depends on how good the player is and how well their yoyo fits them, rather then a specific design. Great drivers are measured by how well they race even under non perfect condition’s that may be against them, and I believe that the same thing holds true for yoyo players.

Bi metals will hold power longer than most mono’s. You can drop most throws (not throw them just drop them)and if you bind as soon as they hit the bottom, they will return most of the way back without hopping, popping, or pulling the string at all and it should almost make it back to your hand with a mono, but will likely make it all the way back to your and with a Bi.
Most bi’s simply retain more power for longer, making it easier to work our some tricks or push out longer combos. They also hurt a bit more when striking the back of your hand.

At least thats my exp. Ive got a Superstar 2016 and Valkyrie. Valk is boss and my #1 pick when learning a new trick. Once ive gotten it a few times ill move to something a bit less stable and forgiving to refine the skills to do it proper.


I don’t think that argument holds so much weight when you consider the prevalence of bi-metals (particularly the Draupnir) at both worlds and similarly large events.

Yes, the skill of the individual yoyoer will be the deciding factor of who wins in the end. I’m just saying that implying that there is a dearth of bi-metals being used at the top level is incorrect.

I find the iyoyo steel to be incredibly stable, I often use when learning new tricks as it stays on plane really well. The kenshin is about the same and is mono metal (which I also use a lot to learn). As mentioned, the horizon (at half the price) has nearly the same stability. The first two, however, just feel nicer imo.

My shuta is super comfy in the hand, but the least stable in my collection. My manatee and kuntosh are fairly stable (not as good as the steel tho) and each just feel great to play (each in its own way)

I would say I, overall, like my kenshin best. Very smooth, very stable, the 6068 will not likely break or dent (tho I managed a tiny chip in the coating :sob:), and it is very light. I also like the v shape. My only wish is that it had a concave cup for better finger spins. I am told it plays like a titanium throw (I have never tried a titanium).

I am always a little nervous I will ding the steel and cause the rings to MIS-align. But that is my neurosis :sunglasses:


I like both don’t personally have a bimetal but know someone and used his if you look for nice metal and have the money get a manatee love it or a wolf also basecamp Sherpa is nice

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Ive had several bi, ti, and monometal throws. Bi and ti are the best thing ever for a little while but then i get bored with them. Theres so many good yoyos out there just find a few that your interested in and research them, watch videos, whatever you can find on them. Its impossible to find the one so dont get too hung up on it. One drop makes great throws at great prices. Home grown right here, made in house. Try an O shape. I buy mostly V’s but the O was a great change of pace for me. The three most expensive throws iver had are probably the three that i kept for the shortest amount of time. You really cant beat One Drop, trust me ive tried

  1. Yes, bimetal usually are more rim weighted so they unroll a little ‘heavier’, and they tend to be more stable. Although it depends on which bimetal vs which monometal you’re talking about, some put the ring at the center like Phenom so which will play completely differently than say a Draupnir which put the ring on the outside.
    Normally, the lighter the yoyo is, the less stable it is. But when you have a lightweight bimetal with ss rim on the very outside like a Draupnir, you can have a yoyo that have a lot of momentum when thrown so more stable, and yet light to maneuver.
  2. I still prefer monometal mainly due to durability issue and price difference. I’ve heard people dinging their yoyos and the ss ring moves out of the place, causing vibe even after being fixed back in place, that bothers me. Also I don’t feel like the benefit of a bimetal design really give me much edge if at all, since monometals nowadays are already very stable, but that doesn’t mean I’m anti-bimetal either. It’s just sometimes for the same amount money you can get two or more different monometals and have more fun with them.
  3. Depends but for me generally no, most $50 yoyo upwards will perform just about the same in the sense that they will handle most any tricks just fine. They will have different specs though so they will feel differently. Even if there is a quality difference, it’s not like ‘bad vs good’, but rather ‘good vs very good’. The price difference is mainly in where it’s made, the material, and the difficulty in making them, not necessarily how ‘good’ they are.
  4. Try C3 Move, or you can just get any yoyo that looks cool as long as it’s from a reputable store, it’s very unlikely that you will get a bad one.
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Gooodness!! Haha, man yoyodoc that had me belly laughing. The kids in todays years have no idea how to use punctuaion. Some times i wish everything to be handwritten. Anyways. Mono metals fo lyfe! :stuck_out_tongue:

There are a few differences in play with monometals and bimetals. Others have already outlined that spin time and stability are significantly increased in bimetal.

However, there is another significant difference between monometal and bimetal that doesn’t get discussed much, and that is that bimetals, no matter how light or heavy they are, tend to have inferior maneuverability. Because their weight is so concentrated in the outer rims, it becomes more difficult to change direction and reverse rolls etc.

Yoyos that concentrate the weight a little further inside the cup such as the Onedrop Prescription, Yoyofficer Vector and YYF Shutter move around with much more ease. They also still retain decent spin and stability, just not as much as bimetal. I value maneuverability above increased stability and spintime.

Ive tried a lot of bimetals of different weights and shapes, but almost none of them have given me the maneuverability I get with monometal.

The only bimetal I have had that still reatined a maneuverability similar to monometal was the bimetal Yoyofactory Genesis. I think this was because the stainless steel rings were further along the body rather than near the outer rim.

As Rizkiyoist said, there are basically only ‘good vs very good’ yoyos out there now. Having said that, most of my favourite yoyos are under $100 and I have ones worth hundreds.

What something different to a Shutter? Any bimetal will be vastly different and perhaps you might like it.

Sorry was in a rush.

Don’t worry, everyone needs a good beatdown from the Doc. It’s somewhat of a rite of passage here on the forums!

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Lol, almost seems true. I remember mine very clearly.

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Yes, a Schneider MK2 and a Masamume have very different feels to even very well made monometals like the Corruption and the Zepyhr (in my experience)