Bi-metal vs metal

I was thinking a slower and more stable yo-yo would help me advance faster on the advanced tricks list. For example on “Rewind” I often miss the trapeze going back to the other hand or the double or nothing (The yo-yo is too far forward). Maybe the Manatee would be a good choice? I hope they get more colors in stock (Pink isn’t my color :-p)

Somewhat slow and stable: I know someone who would comment Valkyrie.

I would go with horizon on a budget and maybe like a space cowboy on a “higher” price point?

While the Valkyrie is a great yoyo and it is very stable and long spinning, it’s far more expensive than you need if you are still learning.

At this point, the shutter you have is more than enough to get you through all of the tricks you are learning and the differences in performance that a bi-metal or more expensive yoyo will achieve will be negligible. So instead of setting your criteria for a new yoyo as slower and more stable, if you want variety then try something completely different to the shutter (and make sure it is cheap, don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a bunch of yoyos only to find out you prefer a different shape/weight whatever). Any modern yoyo you’ll find here or on other sites will easily have the performance you need, so focus on the variety bit.

That would be my advice.

Yep. I didnt even start to think about getting a Bi until after about a year or so. Manatee woudl be excellent choice if you want to move away from shutter.

That’s why I suggested the horizon in my first post :wink:

They’re both fun.

^ This is what truly matters! ^

I guess I can’t go wrong with a yo-yo that has a pro’s name on it as well. What kind of shape is a shutter anyways? H shape?

It’s like a combination of V and H.

It really is hard to beat the Horizon. The One Drop Gauntlet might be an excellent budget choice as well. I love mine.