So I looking for my second yoyo. Right now i am using a yyf one. I am getting into the advanced tricks and can bind. i am wondering what is the best bi-metal yoyo.
Thank you

In my opinion, the yyj new breed by a longshot

I have a YYJ Dark Magic II. I’m rather partial to it, it’s currently my favorite. Also, considering this was my upgrade from a Duncan Reflex… there’s no comparison.(as in comparing the Reflex to the DMII)

However, don’t limit yourself to just bi-metals. There also metals you can consider, as well as full plastics that perform really good as well. Right now, set a budget, see what you can afford. Also, factor in shipping and strings into that budget as well. You’ll find there’s a lot out there to choose from.

Also, keep in mind that everything is opinion. What works for many may not be what is ideal for you. That’s just a reality about yoyos.

Have fun!

best bimetal I’d say is a phenomism. but it’s also like 70 bucks…
I’d go with a raptor if I were you. same price as a bimetal, but plays like a $100 metal.

Or, check the b/s/t. I recently got a xyo xcalibur ($90 metal) for 20 bucks shipped. and it was practically mint :smiley:

A couple great bimetals though:
DM (1 and 2)
Not really sure how good it is as I’ve never used one, but the fever.
And something I personally wasn’t a fan of, but others have loved, a hitman pro.

Yes, don’t limit yourself to bi-metals. But it is a bit more durable. You’ll ding the ring, not the direct “ouch” damage.

Bi-metals have momentum, metals tend to be a tad for stable. Either way it’s fine, but metal would be worth it.

A Raptor, cheaper than most bi-metals, plays like a pro. It’s extremely smooth on the string, glides perfect, has very little vibe, comes with 2 removable caps for different weight, play, 2 extra sets of response pads (Silicone SG), has a cool laser engraving on each side, does everything with ease, stable, and it just…it…BAM

Protostar. 34 dollar price point but plays like it has an 100 dollar pricepoint

The one bi-metal I wish I had is the SR-71. Full-sized, comfortable shape (rim edges are slightly rounded), nice distribution of weight for a lot of stability and some agility, very smooth. Best all-around yo-yo I’ve played with (Dark Magic II comes in second). Take a look.

Dark Magic (version II)- I really like the shape/feel of it. Great spin times, very stable. It is my personal favorite.
NEW BREED- I love this one. The weight on it, I feel is PERFECT.
Atmosphere- Impressive spin times
Hitman PRO- Well rounded, comfortable feel.

… Those are my favorites (in order).

I was thinking about going with a bi-metal and then upgrading to a nice full metal eventually since i have a $50 budget. I don’t need to worry about getting strings and stuff though cause i already got them. If i was to get a cheap full metal i was looking at the dv888 and the shinwoo 5.

what are some of your preferences? oversized or undersized? grindable? floaty, fast, heavy on the string?

I don’t have any preferences yet as this will be my second yoyo only. The only thing that i know i want is an unresponsive yoyo.

If all you want is an unresponsive yoyo, you can take out the slimmer responsive bearing and put in the non-responsive bearing.

You did order your ONE in the packaging that includes the second bearing, right? Or did you order the one with the DVD?

If you need to buy a bearing, there’s plenty available. I like the Terrapin X bearings, and the flat Chrome X bearing I think cost me $7.50 and it’s a great bearing. Or you can go with a WHIP and end up with a second yoyo for only a little bit more.

The only negative part with your quest for something new is that there’s a lot of good stuff to sort through and that won’t make your decision making any easier. Do you have some sort of budget in mind?

I just traded my popstar for a revolution, it is so smooth. I would reccomend it 100%. I would look into it getting if I was you.

I would definitely go for a raptor or a dv888.
They’re about the same price as a bimetal, but play like metals.

Or I’d highly recommend looking at the b/s/t. you can get amazing deals there.
(888 for $36, lunatic for $35, xcalibur for $20… just to name a few great deals I’ve personally gotten)

i just find this amusing, because they are both fully metal, so I should hope they play like metals.

To be honest, they don’t play like metal. They ARE the king of metals. :wink:

lol you know what I meant.

Since people are talking about the YYJ bi-metals already, out of Dark Magic 2, Phenomizm, and New Breed my Phenomizm crushes. So smooth and playable. So fast and just makes you feel like a king. Amazing. That being said, it is a tad more pricey and you won’t really be missing out on anything if you go for a cheaper bi-metal. I personally love the Dark Magic 2 a lot more than the New Breed in terms of bi-metals around the $40 price point. I find the DM2 is smoother, faster, just “works” better if that makes sense.

For your second yoyo, if you’re really looking for an unresponsive upgrade from the One that is a bi-metal I fully vote for Dark Magic 2. You can’t go wrong with that yoyo. I prefer it over Northstar/Protostar. But it’s all preference…

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