yoyojam bi-metals

hey if got some extra money and whant to get another yoyojam. I was very happy with me hitman and was woundering if any one liked any of thoughs yoyos. It doesnt have to be like the hitman im open to riing any of them. Im thinking revolution,sfx,hitman pro, or atmasphere. thanks for the help.

out of the ones you mention the SFX is the one i recommend.

have you checked out the phenomizm? its has a interesting shape, cool mirror caps, and comes with a konkave bearing. its apparantly fast and good at horizontal tricks. i dont have one but it certainly looks cool

yes i have looked at the phenomizm it does look good but what i would do insted is take ur advise and get a sfx and a concave to put in it would still be cheaper

that does not equate to a phenomizm

also, dont be close minded when it comes to brands, as yoyojam is not the only manufacturer and bi materials are not the only type yoyo. instead of getting a lot of bi materials, i would go with an economically priced metal, like the raptor or a dv888, as bi materials all have some vibe, while metals usually dont.

Don’t get YYJ. You could get much better yoyos for only a little bit more money. Instead of 40 dollars for a SFX, spend 45 dollars on a DV888. The dv888 is a great, cheap yoyo.

i already have a dv888 and i have been happy with bi metals before and would like to get another one


Bi-Metals can be just as good as all metals. Some people prefer DM2 over Dv888. When I asked about the Raptor, multiple people said I should get SFX.

Yeah, but now you have the raptor and you go on and on about how good it is in many threads.

That’s because the Raptor is a great throw, but so is the SFX. I own both and have a hard time putting either of them down.

As far as getting more YYJ throws…GO FOR IT!!! YYJ has stepped up their game and have become one of my favorite companies to buy from. Hands down, some of the best trows for that price range.


Why? Because it is good. SFX? It is good.

I don’t know about SFX, but I know Hitman pro, it has different feel from Hitman, it is undersized, fast, and light too.

get a northstar. it has great spin time and can withstand all you can throw at it. i started outwith yoyojam and i wanted to stay with them but they dont hold up to yyf. and to those who were talking about the phenomizm i got a phenom and i was very unsatisfied. didnt spin as long as i wanted and had a little vibe, i cant stand vibe. you should never get a bi metal. get all plastic or all metal. the phenomizm and even the phenom have to be made like a plastic and metal yoyo so they have the same flaw. phenom is made a little diffrent but it has to have theother metal put in like the metal to the plastic. or you could get a fundametal.


I would 1000x rather throw my Hitman Pro than a Dv888.

YYJ bi-metals are, to be frank, some of the best yoyos on the planet. The company has a patent on that design for a reason. No one here will be able to recommend one for you. Look at the specs and shape of each yoyo and decide for yourself from there. If you can narrow it down to at least two throws, flip a coin.

There has never been a “bad” YYJ bi-metal. (or any other material, as far as I’m concerned.)

I broke my DM last year and now I own 2 high end all metals, a
PGM2 and a DV888. And I still miss my DM. I would go with a bi-metal.