best of yyj bi metals

so i have some money to spend and i want one of yyjs bi metals b/c i never had one i want one of them thats around 40 dollars hitman pro, dm2, speeder,ect… so out of the 40$ bi metals which should i buy
(can be a little over 40)

I suggest to buy new yoyojam bi-metals (with solid spin axle system and silicone pads) because they have really solid “fullmetal” feel and are more reliable and sturdy throws.
If you like horizontal tricks your best bet is SFX. I have one and it’s amazing.
Keep in mind that YoYoJam is going to release new bi-metals (new Speeder, MicroMo, Destiny)
All new YoYoJam bi-metals are great throws so it is only a matter of preference.
Which size yoyo do you want?
If you want an undersized throw there is only one (Hitman Pro)
Middle-sized only one two (Revolution)
From full-sized throws i suggest to buy SFX or SR-71

the phenomizm is a bimetal and is to me better than all the bimetals but its 66 bucks which is like 25 bucks more than the rest

k ty i was really interested in hitman pro and i hate full sized throws

SFX. One of the best Bi-metals on the price range.

k is it good for 5a? im stuck between hmpro and sfx i rather large yoyos for 5a but im having trouble deciding

get a nunchucking DM2 I love mine

Any yoyo for 1A is good for 5A but the SFX isn’t too heavy, so it’s suitable. But it has a sharp shape. Check out SFX profile. It has a pretty “wing” shape. You like that? HP is great though, you can choose that too. Make a poll, my best advice.

idk ive never tried wing shape but i dont thing i’d like it

New Bre3d!!

Yes. You know what? HP then. You’re confusing of SFX or HP and now SFX “loses”, HP then. It’s great.

Then get get it. :wink:

I have a HP and it is really smooth and fast, but never tried SFX

If you want an undersized throw, you can try the Mini Motu.

I think HP will be your best bet Camjameron.

well the mini motu is discontinued i think and they dont have any left on yye so for camjameron i say hitman pro and if u want u can wait for the micromo but who knows how long that will be


Phenomizm for sure.

i likd both but the sfx fit my play style better its faster and amazing i wish i got one the sfx i played i found better than a yyf skyline butthats preferance