Favorite YYJ bi-metal

I’m wanting to get a YYJ bi-metal yoyo. I don’t really know which to egt because I have never used the SFX, but my friend has a DM2. I guess my favorite yoyo at the moment is the cascade, even more than the majesty i think, but I traded the Majesty away, so I can’t compare it anymore.

EDIT: Changed question- What is your favorite yoyojam bi-metal yoyo?

I think a lot of people would prefer the DM2 over the SFX

I usually recommend the SFX over the DM2 because of the low walls, more modern shape, durability, and looks.

But all the yo-yos listed in your profile have low walls and modern shapes. Why not go for the high-walled DM2? It’s super-comfy all around, the walls make rejection tricks easier, and you can get some sweet colorways at YYE.

Out of these two I’ve only played the DM2. And I’ve played 3 of them. Everyone has one. Get something different. Get an Inspire. They’re supposed to be amazing.

Get the x-con pro… They are the besttttt! Or get a c-force. They are also amazing! Or a vexed. Overall it’s prob. A x-con pro.


The only YYJ bi-metal I’ve tried and liked is the DM2. Everybody has one for a reason.


Also I thought bi metal means two diffrent types metal like the phenom
And I though hybrid is plastic and metal


X Con vict pro.


my thought exactly