Prefered plastic or bi-metal YYJ

Just wanna know what the preferred YYJ plastic or Bi-metal is in this community of ours. You can decide whether it is the Dark magic two or one or if it is a Hitman Pro or not. Three votes per person. Post your reasons if you can.

I like Kickside because of the weight and stability compared to other beginner yo-yo’s.

Also like the New Breed for the floatyness, width, and shape.

I’ve only tried 1 YYJ, which is the Lyn Fury. Pretty solid $15 plastic and can take on my advanced tricks. I do plan on increasing my YYJs as there’s some interesting bi-metals out there…and I can thank my Phenomizm-ish bi-metal for interesting me more in YYJ’s yo’s…want that Vigilante now.

I really like YYJ. Maybe that’s because my DM2 was my first real yoyo. I also marked the Phenomizm and I think the Hitman Pro. But it’s not easy as I like them all. The XCon Pro is lower on my list only because it’s a very good training yoyo. It makes you improve your throw. So, I dislike it because it makes me work harder, but I like it because it makes me work harder.

I also have many and the collection will grow.

XCon Pro
Hitman pro
Legacy II
Lyn Fury
Speeder 2

I also have many 4A throws from them as well as a pair of Unleashed.

I don’t think the MicroMotrix exists, yet and maybe it never will.

I like my Hitman Pro.

I like my old Xcon and MiniMotu both with kks.

I would say Dark Magic II. It was my first unresponsive and just love the size and weight. Not a fan of undersized throws so hitman is not that great for me though I must say I like it better then almost any other undersized from any company.

I love my little near indestructible Lyn Fury to practice with. DM2 is also a very nice full size when I want to lay off the full metals.

X-Con Pro. Best Bi-Metal, in my opinion.
Mine is even better because it’s Christmas Edition! :smiley:

Oh really?

MicroMotrix does NOT EXIST. Mini Motrix does however.

Ok, fixed. I’m sorry when they came out with the micro mo I started mixing them all up :stuck_out_tongue:

Not really into yyj like I use to when I first started, but the Fever was always a favorite of mine

I don’t understand why you put the Sunset Trajectory in the list as it’s a looper and none of the rest are. Totally different than the rest.

Most of the recent polls kinda suck and are skewed and very incomplete. I don’t see why this one should be flawed in a different way.

My favorite bi-meatal would be the beef and bacon.

It took me a while, but I knew I’d figure out something to do with “bi-meatal”.

Definitely the SR-71. I got a DMII first since they didn’t have the color I wanted in the SR71. I love my Dark Magic, but it seems sliiiightly too thick. I have also played around with my friends DV888 which is way small for my tastes. The SR-71 is, for me, at that sweet spot. It also seems to have less vibe than the DMII.

I put the sunset trajectory because it does count as a YYJ Plastic or bi-metal and personally, it was actually my first YYJ, so I have a reason to like it. I also put the unleashed so it is not the only looping yo-yo there.

Studio, I get. I’m flawed and my poll sucks but so is life. If there is anything missing from the list that is a plastic or bi-metal YYJ, please tell me.

…I know I’m stupid, sorry. Very clever though.

It’s generally not a good idea to mix modified with wing shapes in a comparison or poll because it just leads to confusion and other issues.

Polls should be short and have very exact, concise objectives.

(Admin: can we disable the polls? It’s way over-used)

What confusion or other issues?

Whether they are modified or wing shaped yo-yo’s, they are all still yo-yo’s. My objective is to find out what is the preferred Yo-yo Jam Plastic or Bi-metal, whether it is meant for 1A, 2A, or any other style doesn’t matter to me, the one who made this poll, and is an easy enough question to understand.

It is not short because there are several different options, which is not a bad thing because this subject was meant to be very general in the first place. I made it so you could pick three options for this reason.

I don’t know why you would want to disable polls, even if it is over-used; It, and a forum in general, is a very efficient way to find the peoples general public opinion. Just like in political polls but polls can be used for most any question of opinion.

(I understand that I constantly make mistakes, so if you catch any please tell me so that I may fix it)

Considering the numerous yoyojam options, I think it’s interesting to see which ones are most popular with the community.