What should I buy

Hi! I’ve been yoyoing for 3 months and i’m on advanced 2.So what yoyo should i buy next.

P.S. I’m with a Velocity

You don’t need another one, but have you tried any other yoyos to get somewhat of a preference?

a YYJ bi-metal is always a good choice…
if you like smaller yoyos, go with the X-convict.
if you like full sized yoyos, go with the dark Magic.

this is very broad, but you would be happy with either one because they are both good yoyos.


I’m not so sure about buying YYJ,I’ve heard of the ‘YYJ vibe’ and i don’t now what it meens exactly but it doesn’t sound good,but thanks anyway

People speak of this YYJ vibe, but I have many YYJs and have yet to have this thing, so don’t worry about it. You don’t really need a 100% smooth yoyo anyways.

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YYJ yo-yo do often have some vibe. I assure you that it is very minor and does not affect play. You can also tune the axle of a YYJ pretty easily. If tuned properly YYJ yo-yos are very smooth.