Next yoyo?

Alright guys and gals, I’m going to pick up my second yoyo soon. Well, third if you count the Go Big I’m getting with it. I was wondering if any of you had any suggestions? I really like the look of the YYJ Fever, the “angry” look really pleases my eye. If anybody wants to comment on what yoyo they want next feel free! I’d love to see what everyone is planning ;D

What yoyos do you currently have? What do you like or dislike about them? Are you brand specific? Size (undersized, full)? Price? These are just a few things we’d need to know before recommending a yo yo to you.

I probably should’ve thought about that. Sorry!

I have a YYJ Equinox, and I’m not sure if I like it or not. I want a 1A yoyo, preferably full, but it doesn’t matter to me. I like Yoyojam a lot, all of their designs look appealing to me and I have some weird connection to them since they were my first yoyo. I think I’ll keep it around $45-$75.

If you want a fullsized YYJ I recomend the Cerberus :wink:

You should check out the Duncan Raptor/Echo/Metropolis, they are great all metal throws in your price range.

Out of the YYJ full sized yoyos, I really think the Phenomizm and the SFX are great. Both are quite stable and very capable of whatever tricks you do (excluding grinds for the most part). They can also be played fast or slow and are great for horizontal playThose are both full sized but if you want a slightly smaller yoyo, the hitman pro is really awesome as well and grinds amazing imo. I really enjoyed playing it. Seeing as you have an equinox i’m going to assume you like heavier yoyos (correct me if your wrong) so the DM2 might be a good yoyo for you. I personally didn’t like the first DM I tried (not sure which one it was) but the second one was much better. Quite heavy, capable of tons of tricks and would probably be a great yoyo to buy (i don’t have one, but just about every yoyoer on the planet does so it’s gotta be good).

Sadly, I don’t have the pleasure of owning any of these throws, but out of all the ones I’ve mentioned though, I’d recommend the most the Phenomizm and SFX for full sized. I didn’t really have much time to try the DM2 so if you’d like an opinion on that, you should probably read one of the tons of reviews on it.

Thanks guys! I’ll definitely look into them. I really want to see what people think of the Fever since Vooper is my favorite pro right now and I really like the look of the yoyo, even if it isn’t full metal. Since it’s my second yoyo though I don’t think that’ll matter much. I do like heavier yoyos, btw. My friend has an atmosphere and I hate the thing. Way too small and light.

If it were ME, I’d go with Di Base. But that’s just my opinion. And to answer what I’m getting next, a Chief. Maybe a Canvas.

The Fever does look quite interesting, though.

Choose from these choices.

  1. Speeder 2

  2. Phenomizm

    I suggest a Phenomizm.

Why limit him to three? Let him get whatever he wants.

Sounds like you want a Fever. Get one, Zhesbe.

the fever looks really cool so yea i think thats a great choice, and for my next throw probably an echo

Since it would be your first 1A yoyo, and you haven’t had much experience with the various other shapes yet, I recommend that you stick with a more typical shape like the Dark Magic II. From there, you can decide if you prefer other shapes.