Wich yoyo do you like ???

I thinking of getting a new yoyo ???, so I want to know wich yoyo you like first. Please, I am not looking for any YoyoJam/YoyoFactory yoyo unless you think you wouldn’t be able to live without it.

What difference does it make then?

I like my DM2. I like my Phenom and Phenomizm. I like my Chaser and Speeder 2. I like my Fiesta XX and Big Yo and used Aquarius. I don’t like my Unleashed pair, but that’s because I can’t loop yet. That will change in time and then I will love them. I have I think 3-4 new YYJ’s in my next order planned.

I like my ONE, WHIP, PGM, DieNasty, Protostar, Northstar, and dv888. I do not enjoy my Mightly Flea as much because, well, my skills can’t handle it yet. I still like it. I’ve been playing a Superstar on loan to me and I gotta say I like it.

I also like my 7 CLYW’s, my 3 One Drops and my growing collection of Duncans. I got 3 Agape yoyos and those are freakin’ amazing and I swear, it should almost be a law that everyone has one. So, if I gotta get all nuts on a yoyo, its gotta be the Agape.

Now, my Yomegas are mostly for “show and example” purposes. They aren’t faves by far. The Xodus II is getting play recently since it’s an off-string. But 2 of mine are clutch yoyos so that has limitations and the Fireball is nothing special.

Seriously, you are just going to have try dozens of yoyos before you really know what you like. You will start off trying 2-3 and one of those will be your fav. As you try more and more you will start to realize that you start to lean towards certain throws. Or you might find that it depends on your mood what you like. Time and experience is the only solution.

Me personally, undersized and round. YYF 44

What do you have already? What’s your price range? Do you have a prefer Plastic or Metal? Do you like small or bigger (diameter)?

Keeping it under $50 - grab a DM2 (little bit of both worlds - plastic/metal)

Want to grab a solid metal? Check out One Drop’s Burnside or Code1; I’m a big OD supporter (much love for my Oregon Brothers) and their stuff isn’t as hard to get as the super limited runs of other company’s.

If you don’t want YYF or YYJ I’m assuming you don’t want plastic - though you should really consider a protostar or northstar.
Want to keep it cheap? Grab a PSG (or 4).

Of course this is all spitballing without knowing the answers to my original questions…

I could live without any given yoyo. I’d hope of course to have at least one good playing yoyo. There are so many great playing yoyos, different shapes, different sizes, different colors, different materials, different price ranges, that there is no way for everyone to agree on what you should get. It’s a pretty safe bet, that if you pick a yoyo, in the $30 on up price range from this site, that you will be happy. However there are cheaper yoyos that work quite well.

Pick a color you like, a shape you find interesting, material that intrigues you, and the price range that fits your budget and go for it. Since you’re just getting started, You might consider buying some cheaper yoyo’s that differ from one another so you can start deciding what you like and don’t like.

Yoyoing is a journey and everyone takes a different path. Enjoy yours and good luck.

Thanks for the advice. Btw have been yoyoing for three years I just wanted to see what yoyos people liked.

I have a PGM, DM, skyline, Delicious, mighty flea, legacy, and Cafe Racer. I would like metal. I like around 50mm- 55mm diamiter.

Not sure what your price range is - but I’d check out One Drop’s Dietz or 54 - both are under 55mm. The dietz is a speedy little guy, the 54 has a nice hefty feel. They’re also Side Effect throws, so you can play around with the weight.

If you’re willing to bump up to 56mm hold out just a little longer and grab a Code2 when they hit.

Do you guys know if the Yeah3 is any good? Is the first blood brother any good. Those look like my top options so far.

I’ve only seen one review on the blood brother and it wasn’t extensive. However, the reviewer seemed happy with it.

Thanks. Anyone else?

A duncan raptor great yoyo!!

link on yoyoexpert:http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/316/Duncan-Raptor
link on yoyo.com:http://www.yo-yo.com/index.php/site/products/3571XP-RD

i prefer yoyoexpert 6$ less