What is the next level for me in terms of yoyos?

So I enjoy both my 56mm DM2 but also enjoy my 50mm DV888 so apparently I don’t really have a preference for diameter. I’m pretty sure that I am more consistent with catches with the larger yoyo, but that is just practice. Anyways, I’m new to this new technology of unresponsive play, but am LOVING it so far. I haven’t really committed to a preference for metal or plastic. I am more stingy with my metal ones due to trying to avoid nicks.

Skill wise, I can’t do any slack tricks yet except for a grab at a suicide (instead of the finger poke). I can do 66% of the Advanced Part 1 tricks (mostly because I haven’t researched what the others are yet, but I’m sure they aren’t too tough). I can do Thumb Grind and Cold Fusion from Part 2.

Throws (worth mentioning beside the hoard of Yomega yoyos) that I already own: Yomega Dash, Blazer (I didn’t know that there was anything but Yomega at that time), DM1, DM2, DV888, and soon to have a Grind Machine.

What I want to know is what yoyos should I be looking to next? I have a grind machine on the way so that I can test out the concept of hubstacks, but consensus seems to say that it isn’t a big deal. I also have come KonKave bearings on the way for the DM2 and DV888. I’m new to this new technology and newly returned to throwing as a whole. My price range could include the $120 ones if they were worth it.

fundametals or proto/northstar would b good 4 u

Well, pretty much all the yoyos made are open to you now. You could go with any number of brands, CLYW, BBYY, Spy, OD, YYF. I would try a protostar. I just got one and I’m amazed by it. It might not be a step up, but it will certainly compete with your DMs and Dv888.

Thanks guys, keep’em coming. I would be open to the idea of using a high performing plastic. That way I wouldn’t be so stingy and paranoid about nicking it.

Care to say why they are a “rip off”? I love my Duncan/YYJ throws. Oh, and when did YYF make the Bassalope? :slight_smile:

As to the OP, I highly suggest a YYF fundametal yoyo, anything from the Core series from Hspin, or Rec Rev yoyos, if you can find any. As for high performing plastics, the YYJ Legacy is great, and the YYF Protostar is also excellent.

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yyj and duncan are great brands. i love mine

Went ahead and put in an order for a Yuuksta. Here is the contents of my recent order (can’t wait!):

1 100 Count - 100% Polyester YoYoExpert Green/Yellow/White
1 Duncan Counterweight Set
1 YoYoFactory Response pro red
1 YoYoFactory Response pro yellow
1 YYF ProtoStar - Yellow
1 YYF Yuuksta - Pink/Black Acid Wash

Thanks for the help guys! I still find this new technology so exciting!

i know you ordered, but i just have to put this out there:

all yoyos are different. even two of the same yoyo can feel different. i had 2 5stars and i like the one that is more beat.

you will like what you got a lot. trust me. for me, diameter is not that important either. i like the feel of small, but i like the play of larger ones. it is good that you got the protostar because it has a gap larger than anything you have had so far. the step after this i would say is to try some new companies, maybe ones that you have heard are good from other yoyoers like spyy, clyw, hspin, ilyy, etc. they all make amazing yoyos. the step after that is to go to a meet up or a contest and try out some yoyos and see what you like. all these are not really required steps, but that is just what i ended up doing.

I’m just not brave at buying an expensive yoyo I have never used from a manufacturer I have never used.

I definitely need to get more involved in the yo-yo community face to face as well.

For the most part if you buy an expensive yoyo, especially if its $100 or more you’ll love it. Even if it doesn’t feel like the perfect throw its alright cause if you can do the same tricks with all different types of yoyo’s (cheap and expensive) then it can truly elevate your play. I usually pick my new yoyos based on how they look. if its a high performance yoyo its built to handle anything you can throw at it.

I have quite a few yoyos now and my first yoyo I bought when I got back into it was a superstar, and it’s still my favorite! But the new supernova lites are just as good it my opinion. So for the Price I’d go supernova. If your not sure about yyf buy a protostar. It is a great yoyo for the price! For $35 you can’t go wrong. If you like the protostar then step up to the supernova or superstar.

That looks like a great order. Just don’t overtighten the Protostar. You should be set for a while with those, I’m sure you’ll like them. 5a should be fun too.

I don’t want to make a wall of text with a quote, but skeletonboy333, a Metal Drifter wasn’t made to be a premium metal yoyo like the 888. It was made as a low end beginner metal. Also, you seem to be forgetting the screaming eagle line by Duncan. And because YYJ doesn’t have a $25 metal yoyo, their products are rip offs. Ill never buy a YYJ again. / sarcasm :stuck_out_tongue:

To the OP, that looks like a fantastic order, nice choices. You’ll love those yoyos.

Thanks for chipping in everyone! I really like goofing with the hubstacked grind machine my wife got me. I am excited about the yuuksta and the protostar. Also, I recently bought a mint meteor and a legacy from another member.
I’m glad I got back into this.