too much

there are to many yoyo’s! Every time i get a new one and am pleased with it a better more expensive oone comes out. HELP!

Just decide which one matches your preferences the best.

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well if your a begginer and looking for a all metal yoyo i recomend dv888 but if thats a bit to much go with one of yoyojams semi metal and semi plastic yoyo’s preferably the new breed or dark magic. if you have more money and you can spend 90-130 i recomend getting a ilyy fury clyw gnar wall or a yyf 888x
hope this helps

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For a beginner looking for an unresponsive yoyo with some metal on it, get the Dark Magic. I really liked it when I was a beginner. But now, not so much.

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if you already know how to bind then i would recommend a Protostar instead of a darkmagic but if not the darkmagic is definitely the way to go

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For one, you dont need all of these fancy metal yoyos out there. You dont need to spend over 45$ to get a awesome yoyo. Examples would be the PGM, protostar, YYJ’s metal rimmed yoyos, and so on.

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Expensive ≠ Better.
Find a yo-yo that you feel the most comfortable with and stick with that one. You don’t need to keep buying “better” yo-yos when you have a trusty one by your side!

(Unless you’re into collecting yo-yos. That’s another type of hype in itself)

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look and find the yoyo you like it does not need to be popular. once u find the one THEN look at the price. if u chose the right one it will be worth the money no matter the price :slight_smile:

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Expence dosn’t mean anything. And just don’t buy a yoyo if you allready have a good one. I just get yoyos from B Days, Christmas, or whatever. And not all expencive yoyos you’ll like. Ex: I like the MiniStar, a 70 dollar yoyo, but I hate the 888, which is a 120 dollar yoyo. Just don’t buy it, this is more of a spending problem of yours then a yoyo related problem lol! :smiley:

~James Reed!

just like x52 said get a yoyo that matches your prefrence
if you want a yoyo that is near $40 and awesome yoyo you can get a protostar :slight_smile:

That number is a little high. Maybe closer to $15 or so?

Yeah, there’s always new yoyos coming out. It’d be cool to be able to have all of them, but having one good yoyo is all you need.

if you want to loop with a really good yoyo you can get a loop 720
one is $15

Speedmakers are AMAZING if you silicone the O ring half and have a good throw! I still play mine over my metals some days!

Buy a lyn, get some shims, satin(optional),silicon both sides(or silicon one side then the other side shave the o-ring) will get you a great yoyo for a small of money

Or even leave it stock. It’s a great yoyo.

If you’re overwhelmed by how many yoyos there are, stick with what you got.