Which should i buy? Again

The yoyos on the list on top is the yoyos that I am planning to buy. Which can you recommend to me? I really need help because I cant decide of which Im gonna buy.

We need to know your preferences…

But if you arent firm on those yet get a DM

Im currently learning intermediate tricks and i want a yoyo that’ll be able to take me all the way to advanced tricks. I want a wide shaped yoyo. Is there any yoyo on the list that’s preferable to me?



Dat red DMII Is LEGENDARY! Not to mention real Iconic


YYJ Dark Magic 2
YYJ New Breed
YYJ Atmosphere
YYJ Hitman Pro
YYJ Spin Faktor X

The DM2 is most likely everyone’s go-to choice here. I’m saying the same thing too. It’s still a favorite of mine.

I will say I am interested in getting an SFX and an SR-71, so I expect to purchase those soon. I’ll leave it at that.

I haven’t played the Atmosphere or the New Breed. I’m more than willing to try them. If I like them, I’m more than willing to buy them.

The Hitman Pro is undersized with a slightly wider profile for it’s diameter. Fun, good, big grinding rims. Loads of fun. I have had the issue with the rims coming off the body, but so have others. Just be aware of that.

Preferences are key here. If you don’t have preferences, then I’m gonna say DM2. It seems nearly everyone has one. It’s a great common reference yoyo. 2 bearings make it good for new people and more skilled throwers. It grows with you, taking you from no skills to a master if you want it to. But, so can many yoyos, and I think everything on your list has that same potential.

From experience,

SFX > DMII > Hitman >>> Hitman Pro.

Dark Magic 2. Beginner friendly yoyo that can take you all the way through the most advanced tricks. Pretty robust too.


There’s a couple of issues with your migration plan:
1: The Hitman is discontinued and hard to obtain these days.
2: Which flavor of Hitman? I have read there’s a hybrid response and a dual-ring response system, which can be siliconed. I myself am trying to get a dual-ring Hitman.

The Hitman isn’t that bad, but it’s a little small, so I would rather get the DM because of the larger diameter. You never want something that small just to start.

  1. If you can’t find it, move up the ladder.
  2. I personally thought that it goes without saying that o-ring response is always the superior these days.

I assume you mean response pads? O-rings are the black rubber rings with also a round cross-section.

Whether in pad form or applied into the channel (flowable), silicone does indeed seem to be the choice these days. You probably want to avoid anything with starburst response.

These days, when we say O-ring we generally refer to the groove itself rather than the material used to fill it. There are a variety of pads out there that are not necessarily made of silicone.

When I see “O-ring” I’m thinking of… an o-ring like that found in many plumbing applications. That’s the kind of response found in a YYJ Classic, for example. O-ring is a pretty specific type of response, and I would hate to see circular response pads being inaccurately called “O-rings”.

I’m going to put my neck on the line here and say that when most people say “O-ring”, they mean the black rubber rings like in the Classic.

OK, we’re on a detour. Let’s see if we can get back to helping the OP make a decision based on his list of items he is interested in.

SFX hands down.

BAD NEWS GUYS, dad wont let me buy this christmas because he thinks that yoyos aren’t important and i should focus on my studies first, well that sucks. :frowning:


Maybe next year I’ll be able to buy it (still gonna buy it, but not now). Maybe I’ll just get a Classic and a Adegle PSG this christmas (or whip). Im gonna buy 2 out of these 3 yoyos. Already sure that I’ll get a Classic, the PSG and the Whip are still bugging my mind of which one I should get. Which of the two is better in the feel in hand, play, durability (i know how to bind now)?