my boyfriend got new throws-I want one too


Hey there! I was hoping someone could help me out. Let me be honest and start out by saying I am a female who’s boyfriend recently got into the hobby and has purchased a few different yo-yos (classic, one, puffin - his thread was the one named “31 yr old buying first throw”) so of course, now I’m interested. :slight_smile: I have a Duncan butterfly, but now I’d like to upgrade a little bit. I was hoping to spend around $10-15. I’m not sure how involved I’m going to get so I don’t want to spend too much money yet. I really like the hand feeling of the One but like the forgiving gap of the Classic. Does anyone have any suggestions on a yo-yo that would be a good choice for me?


Get the Classic. The additional weight will be better for you. Up your budget to around $20, purchase a set of YoYoJam replacement response pads and a YoYoJam Speed bearing. This way, when you get ready to go into unresponsive play, you can just put in the new bearing. You can remove the response rings at any time and pop in the YoYoJam response pads you purchased. Also, we almost always recommend extra strings. Get 100% polyester. YoYoExpert string is like $12 for a 100-count.

Classic is awesome. I can’t say enough good things about it.


Totally agree with him. But my #1 is the onestar. It is a good unresponsive throw. It might be too advanced since its unresponsive, but heck, for the price that thing spins forever, and it took me like 5 min to learn to bind. I own one, and it is LOUD! Lol like really loud! I got mine for $ will spin much much longer than the classic, and it is higher quality. Good luck, keep practicing!!! ;D


It’s great that you and your boyfriend are both getting into a new hobby together =) I’d probably go with the YYJ Classic and upgrade the bearing and silicone pads down the track like Studio42 suggested but if you’d prefer the shape of the One, the YYJ Lyn Fury might be a better fit.



For under $20, the Classic with replacement pads and bearing is also what I’d recommend. However if you can wait a bit, YoYoJam is soon releasing a new plastic called the SURGE. It comes stock with a decent bearing and pads and you may prefer the shape.

The OneStar also looks nice but I’ve yet to try it. The rest of YoYoFactory’s Star line is fantastic so I expect good things from it.


I’d recommend the Gacek ONE, you should also buy a 10 pack of string :slight_smile:


Pick up a Lyn Fury with a bottle of YYJ Thick Lube for responsiveness.


Thanks for all the recommendations!! It seems like a lot of people are suggesting the Classic. For some reason I just don’t like it. It seems really big and bulky in my hand and it’s a little boring looking. (yes, yes, I know, looks DO matter!) :slight_smile: Just to make things more confusing - I’ve started thinking about spending a little more to get the dark magic II. What are your thoughts on this?


Do it. It comes with both bearing so you can go unresponsive whenever you want. You ca all of the tricks with it and it will take you as far as you want.


Classic or onestar


Get the velocity. You can choose ANY responsiveness. and the Classic IS in fact huge.


Im not sure I agree, because it’s not good responsive or unresponsive (velocity) and the dark magic is $45 I think that’s over your budget. Its a great idea but a little expensive. If you can’t afford it then onestar but if you can get the dark magic II, and are willing to pay the $40 - $50, do it! Good luck and keep yoyoing!


I still play my Dark Magic II a lot. Still a favorite of mine despite having a large collection. If I have to go somewhere, I almost always have a DM2 with me.

Good weight, but at 69.5 grams, for some it can be heavy.

Metal rims move weight to the outside, where you want it.

Good and comfortable in the hand, easy to throw. Very stable. Vibe can vary, but it’s often very minimal. It’s a partially plastic yoyo, it’s to be expected and not a cause for concern.

It comes with a good response system pre-installed, the YoYoJam Silicone o-ring response pad, which is what I recommended you get for your Classic.

It comes with a slim bearing pre-installed, such as the Classic I recommended has. The DM2 also includes the recommended YYJ Speed Bearing in the package, which is what I said to get with your Classic. That’s all that’s needed to go to unresponsive play.

The DM2 is amazing. It will take you from zero to hero.

However, if budget is a concern, go for the plastic Legacy II instead of the DM2, as it’s the plastic version. Sells for often under $25. Same 2-bearing system. Another option is the $30 Chaser, which despite being heavy(73.8 grams), can play very fast AND doesn’t feel heavy when played. The Chaser also has the 2 bearings.


the whip is nice and colorful, and it is also an inexpensive one. the dark magic 2 is very nice, and i definitely recommend it if you are willing to pay more.


I vote Velocity. Many of the yoyos recommended are unresponsive, and it it’s better so at least start on a responsive yoyo. The Velocity you can change respnsiveness on, but the yoyo also has an organic shape (similar to the ONE), and comes in some vibrant colors.


If you want to pay the 40 dollars, dark magic 2 is a great choice. If you are still trying to stick to 15 or so, I would also recommend the alpha crash.


I would still recommend the Lyn Fury. The shape of the Lyn Fury and the One are very similar, and the Lyn Fury has a smaller gap.

(Waylon) #18

PSG or Techno 2 are also options. A dab of thick lube will make them responsive.


The shape of the Lyn Fury is more like the 2011 ONE. the 2012 ONE has a different profile.

I have been going against the Lyn Fury for this discussion because it’s an intermediate to advanced yoyo, and I feel an adaptable yoyo that uses 2 bearings might be a better option in this case. We’re also talking a more “mature” player, so something like a Velocity isn’t really needed.


Please give the One another try. It came with a second upgrade bearing that significantly changes the gap of the yoyo so it’s worth a try.