help me out how about?

OK. So i’ve been thinking about getting a new yoyo, somewhere in the 40-45 dollars range. I’ve narrowed it down to 2 yoyos- YYJ X-ConVict and YYJ Dark Magic. I know someone is going to direct me to that string with the questions about preferences,bluh-bluh-bluh…But i really need some help! I don’t have that much time because I’m getting it for Easter. I need someone to post the pros and cons of each yoyo please. I’ll appreciate it. Thanks. Wow-exactly 10 periods! :o! :o! Including the 3 periods after bluh of course, and not this 1. :o

Signed(actually typed) the goopdawg :wink:

Check the Reviews Sections, There is a review on both.

Well, at this point it comes down to body style. The DM is a much more traditional shape, and is a bit on the big side. The Vict is smaller, with a rather unique body.

Here, let me hit you with a side-by-side shot…

Of the two, I tend to prefer the Vict, as I enjoy the body shape better and find the play a little smoother. (For some reason, I can’t get a DM to sit down without wobbling like a mad beast. Only yo I have this problem with.) Most people don’t agree with me when I say this, though.

Heck, at this point you’d end up winning if you just picked the one you thought looked cooler. Either is a top-notch performer and will serve you well even into Master level stuff.