Decisions decisions...Help

Okay, so I have have The YYF Grind Machine(My first Unresponsive yo-yo) for sometime now and id like to believe Im advancing but i want to upgrade to a new Yo-yo. Im thinking of buying The dark magic because well i still have a good deal of practice ahead of me, but besides that i want an all metal Yo-Yo too, whats a good all metal yoyo for me to choose as my first ? preferably something affordable…opinions?.. ???

You might try any of the Fundametals or maybe an M1 from OneDrop if you can find one. The Dark Magic is also a great yoyo.

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Thanks, yah i looked it up and it might actually be my choice, Do you happen to know from where i can buy one?

The Dark Magic can be bought in the here YYE shop.

Or you could go with a metal zero. You can satin it then take out 1 sticker. Makes a nice, cheap, full metal, duncan, non-responsive yoyo. Its a good choice.

Satin?.. yah but the Duncan name and the cheapness makes me question the quality of it as a yoyo worth buying but perhaps