I need some assistance


So my birthday is Friday so I figure, hey why not get myself a little something something. I have been looking around and I have come to like a few different ones, and was wondering some other opnions about some of the throws I am concerning.
So I currently own the Werrd Hour and I love it.
i was thinking about the
i can get right now,
Krown by c3yoyo and Mr.Butcher by yoyorecreation caught my eye and i could just wait a week or 2 to get one of those too.
idk what to do but I think talking about it out loud might help.
thanks in advance for any input

(Edit I added “irony, and superstar”)


Without knowing any preferences you may have developed, budget and desired features you want/need, every recommendation would be “because I like this, I like that” stuff and wouldn’t be useful.

Share some information about what you have, what you do and don’t like about what you have, and any features you want and goals you expect from the yoyo.

Remember, high costs doesn’t equate to a yoyo necessarily being better. Preferences are so critical.

Your choices reflect a varied set of yoyos, no two being very similar to each other. Are you aware that the Gnarwal is undersized?(or is it a small midsized? I forget) I believe the rest you’ve chose are full sized.

Help us to help you.


Ok so no to the gnarwhal then.
I own a whip
Yyj trigger
And the werrd hour.
I prefer something that is good for 5a also.
I plan on using it more for 5a than anything else. I love the way My hour feels but I wouldn’t mind for more spin time.


I would like a spot on the rim to catch my thumb for grinds also.
I’d like to spend around a hundred but if it were more expensive I can just bank what I have and wait a week or two.

Mostly I want a beast for 5a, everything else is negotiable. A pro is hooking me up with a counterweight for my birthday on Friday so I wont need to purchase that.

(Also I am going to world’s so if it is something that I can purchase there would be the bee’s knees)


I’m pretty sure the only one with a lip is the krown

have you thought about the new superstar?


I haven’t but I like the reviews on that. Sounds like a solid throw. That’s added to the list.


I think your remaining choices are pretty decent for 5A. The Mr. Butcher was designed for 5A, if that’s any help.

As far as your Hour si concerned, clean the bearing and that should help with spin times. If not, replace it.


I have a twizted trifecta in the hour, I clean it every other week with starter fluid and blow it out after. So i get a great spin time out of it, but I was wondering if there could be a difference with my new yoyo that would make it a longer more stable spinner than my hour, if that is possible.

Since sparhawk brought up the Superstar and reading the reviews on that throw that seems to be one i’m leaning towards the most.

I sincerely appreciate the replies from you both.


I just got the new SuperStar. I’m still evaluating a different yoyo, the Vietnamese brand Y-Not’s first yoyo, the F.A. The F.A is a bit too light for 5A play, but is pretty fast and speedy and stable.

(Alex Fairhurst) #10

H.O.T. is awesome, but worlds away from a Werrd Hour. That’s the one I would recommend most off the list. Broaden your horizons.

(2Sick Joey) #11

The H.O.T is a good yoyo. Its wide, solid, long spinning and pretty smooth. I own one and its great!


I enjoy the HOT a ton, but I’m not sure how it is for 5a. Wait for the new Superstar! It’s designed for 5a and kills 1a too!


You mentioned your going to worlds right? Stop by the YoYoJam booth and get yourself an XLR8 :wink:


H.o.t , gnarwal or cascade its all personal preferance a lot of people say yyf sucks i love them and the how is one of the best yoyos they offer i think , the gnarwal is amazing and the cascade is great too


Krown is awesome loved the cascade and gnarwhal is great can’t go wrong with one of these


If it’s true that you’re going to worlds I’d say to give the throws a try when you get there. It’ll make deciding much easier


This is really good advice. If you have a chance to, always try before you buy. I’d wait for Worlds, and try out a few things. Another benefit of waiting until Worlds is that you have the opportunity to aquire Special Edition throws/new throws that will be released at Worlds.


I didn’t realise trying them could be an option. I like that idea.
Thanks guys I appreciate all the responses