what do you guys think?

alright. I’ve been looking for a good metal rimmed yoyo ranging from about $30-$45. I was thinking something like DM or X-ConVict. Which one should I get? I kno it says on my fav. yoyo that i want a DM but i am having second thoughts ???. Please post what you think I should eventually get. I’m in a bit of a dillemma :-.


Signed(actually typed) the goopdawg :wink:

X convict you will probably like better if you can apply silicone, It is a great yoyo, and is adjustable also.

Ok, corection- Dillemma is when you have 2 BAD choises… Like getting your g5 or 888 taken away. Sorry i just had to say that, and i’d go with a DM

Basically, you can’t go wrong with any of the metal rimmed yoyojams. My favourite is the hitman. It’s just awesome. ;D

i think that the dark magic is a little overated and everyone has to have (thats whats i thought before i bought i) >:( but i have both and you should problobly get a PGM but the x-con is alright you just run out of spin if you fling it around to much so it wouldn’t be good for tricks like spirit bomb but it is still a great yoyo