What are the best bi-metals?


What are the best bi-metals besides the DM2?

Thanks ;D


id say new breed, phenomizm or sfx


cool thanks, is the sfx offstring? (it kinda looks like it but I’m just making sure)


no it looks like a equinox which is for offstring


Check out the speeder 2


thanks. is the x con or the revolution good?


You mean a metal-plastic hybrid? Phenomizm is a good one.

Bi-metal is a term use for a dual metal on metal yoyo, such as the phenom or regulus.


thanks but you know what i mean tho :slight_smile:


I always considered plastic-metals bi-metals. Whatever. But what are plastic-metals called (besides plastic-metals).


Well if we are talking plastic/metal yo-yos the YYJ Hitman and Xconvict are both fabulous. 8)


Night moves 5 is also a dual metal


They’re ALL GOOD ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D


What are your preferences? Do like fast or slow play? Highwalled? What sort of shape? What type of bearing? Do you like larger or smaller yoyos? The “best” plastic/metal is really just a matter of preference.


first correct post.


it’s correct, but not helpful, unless you expect them to buy one of each… Anyway… You get much better assistance if you lay a few ground rules… What do you want in a yoyo?


I have Duncan metal drifter I know it is cheap and not all that exciting but it works for me and can do some cool tricks with it


The phenomizm is perhaps the best bi-metal in the universe. The one and only time that I’ve thrown it, the thing played way beyond my expectations.


phenomizm. IMO its the perfect throw