Metal Rimmed plastics

Ok so on my topic Dark Magic 3 we were trying to find a name for metal plastics by yoyojam. Post your opinions here.

Mma short for multiple material

Just stick with bi-metals, sure this isn’t what this term is meant for, but it fits pretty well.

Bi-metal is a term for a yoyo made of different metals, such as YYJ Phenom and sOMEThING Anglam.

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would Hybrid work?

With some clarification, yes, it would work.

no that is used for a yoyo with hybrid response. Like when it has both sticker and starburst.

I know, and that’s why I said it doesn’t fit yoyos like the Dark Magic.

Actually people have been calling them YYJ BiMetals for a while now. Even if the name doesn’t make sense I’m more willing to calling it what I have heard it called for years…

See how all these names aren’t right. Let’s make our own.

Maybe Andre Knows. I’ll PM him.

I’ll call them bi metals. Everyone knows what I am talking about.

Yoyojam Alustic? Aluminum + Plastic.

Plus it The word lust in it so thats cool too

I’ve always called them bimaterials to clarify that bimetal hooliganry.

I’m on the Bimetals boat here.

Bimaterial makes the most sense.

Bimaterial def makes the most sense. Bimetal means alloy/steel,Copper/brass, ect.

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I use metal/plastic or plastic/metal, depending on what I felt like typing first.

Bi-Metal means 2 kinds of metal are used. However, I’m forgiving of that term and can tolerate it being used to describe a plastic and metal yoyo. I myself try to not use that term unless I’m talking about a yoyo using two kinds of metal.

Andre said that metal rimmed plastics are called hybrids and that gets mixed up with hybrid response but since hybrid response isn’t used anymore they are called HYBRIDS

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People have called them bimetals for as long as I’ve been yoyoing, don’t see that changing. Everyone knows what someone’s talking about if they say bi-metal, so don’t really see a problem with it. Is it technically right? No, but does it matter?

Similarly, calling things yoyo tricks doesn’t make a lot of sense either, seeing as how a trick is some sort of deceitful act (trick: An act or procedure intended to achieve an end by deceptive or fraudulent means)
There’s nothing deceptive or fraudulent about a double or nothing.

on the note of hybrids, it’s true hybrid response isn’t really used anymore, but yoyos with it still exist.

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