When is a plastic a plastic?

okay, so in Yo-yos that were ahead of their time a mention of the protostar simply lead the users to wonder, “is the protostar a plastic, and how can we determine if others are considered a plastic?” this thread is just to keep that discussion somewhere else.

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It’s instructive to think of this in the other direction: what metal yoyos include plastic as a fundamental, built in part of their design?

I can only think of a few, like the Nuit:


Metal with a plastic weight ring… :rofl:

Clearly that is a metal yoyo, right? By that same logic, I’d say the protostar is a plastic yoyo, first and foremost. It is also a hybrid, sure… but most yoyo stores don’t tend to have hybrid or bimaterial as categories.


I would agree. But wouldn’t the iCEBERG and POM Draupnir also be viewed the same way? Wouldn’t all of them qualify as “competitive plastic” yoyos?

The major difference there is type of plastic, isn’t it?


  • Polycarbonate (127)
  • POM (34 + 2)
  • Nylon (!)

I agree that adding metal changes the play significantly… maybe there aren’t enough plastic + metal to justify a category in most yo-yo stores?

Also that oddball single 6065 Alu yo-yo? CLYW Igloo! Who knew!?!?

I also did not realize the Bliss and Cadence were 7068 either.

tbh, i think any yoyo with a plastic body is a plastic, regardless of the type of plastic or if its a hybrid or not.

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I agree with @knowledgeablepixels it does feel like the primary body material determines what a yoyo “is”…

that said as @ZaYoBoy pointed out there is a hybrid tag!



Interesting that YYE elects to be an exception.

Sort of! But even in the hybrid tag:

  • 18 total
  • 9 are from obsolete or dead brands (YYJ)
  • 1 is permanently out of stock (En Passant)

So basically you can easily list all the current, released, purchaseable hybrids in a single post:

  1. Bolt 2
  2. Gamma Crash
  3. Iceberg
  4. Ippon
  5. POM Draupnir
  6. Surveil
  7. VaporMotion

Seven. There are seven of these, out of … what… ~500 yoyos that YYE sells?

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i still dont get how the hybrid tag doesnt feature the more popular hybrids such as the yyf ones.

LOL! The hybrid tag doesn’t even include the protostar itself :rofl:

Are you thinking of any others? My mind is drawing a blank but that could be my advanced age


arrow, northstar, wedge (??)


If metal is intact with the plastic then it’s a hybrid. If the metal is just an insert then the yo-yo is just a "PWMWR. "

Oooooo subtle. I like it! There does seem to be a (minor) difference between “integral to the design” and “slapped some weight rings on there”.

I still say a plastic body makes a yoyo technically plastic, irrespective of everything else. But it’s also true that adding metal changes the play significantly.


okay, but are duncan yoyos that can hold caps technically hybrids?

I would say hard no on that, since it’s removable and totally optional.

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I would say it all depends on the base material.

Then please clarify this post (in reference to the iCEBERG and the POM Draupnir):

Again, you have to look at the title of the topic, and view the post in that context. The title defines the topic. And in this case the title is

Plastic yoyos that play at a competition level

I think it’s indisputably true that adding metal makes a plastic yoyo far more competitive than it would otherwise be. Does anyone really disagree with that? I definitely don’t!

So when talking about how competitive a yoyo is, failing to mention that a plastic has some metal in it would indeed be a major omission, wouldn’t you agree?

The original question was:

It is a very simple question with a pretty broad context. The POM Draupnir, for example, is a plastic yoyo, right? The fact that it has metal rings doesn’t disqualify it from being added to the list. ZaYoBoy didn’t ask what made any particular yoyo capable of playing at a competition level, so I didn’t think it would matter to him whether it was the fact that it was machined (instead of molded), or had metal rings, or was sprinkled with pixie dust.