Plastic yoyos that play at a competition level

Replay Pro is the unresponsive ver. of the Replay.

Replay Pro is $16, the Replay is $15.

Personally I think the Wedge & Protostar (& Replay Pro if it’s your taste) are super competitive plastics.
All come from World Champs, so you KNOW it’s good haha


I have all three of those, and for $20 they are really good values, but I would never grab one for competition use (instead of a good metal yoyo), no matter what their contest record is in the hands of world champions. But that’s just me.

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Do you have any delrin yo-yos? Those are closer in performance to metal. I personally don’t really like plastic or wood yo-yos either, they lack the density and consistency of metal… but delrin is in the ballpark at least. And it has a nice hand feel.


I have yet to try one.

No Delrin yoyos. But I have the POM Draupnir and the machined PC iCEBERG, both of which perform very much like bimetals, and I would grab one of them before any of the budget plastics for competition any day. But then again, they are much more expensive…

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Those are bimaterial though, kind of a different beast. Not really “plastic” at that point, are they?

Delrin Skyva is probably the easiest one to grab at $36, but I am a big fan of the Zeekio (rebranded Yoyoempire) delrins as well.


Okay, sure. They are hybrids. Their primary material is plastic. I didn’t think that a metal rim disqualified them from being in the plastics family, or from being considered a “competition plastic throw”. Semantics maybe?

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I saw a delrin yoyo made by Yoyoempire. It looked exactly like the YYF Wedge.

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Don’t forget the ART Banger!

Haven’t played one, but it has a nice looking shape.

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The replay pro comes with both unresponsive
And responsive accessories right??

No. It comes only unresponsive.


Aah, I was watching a kind of dated yoyo review and they said it did.

The regular Replay is responsive.


Personally I’d put up a little fence and keep injection-molded plastics on one side, and plastics turned on a lathe on the other side.

As far as competition plastics go, I just had a breakthrough. The best is probably the Loop 2020.

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For 2A, most are plastic. Most 4A yoyos are plastic or delrin. 3A can be anything, and 1A can be anything.

Yeah, true! Did you mean 1/3/5a in your original post?

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I was referring to 1A.

Anyhow, here’s another candidate:

Plastic with a weight ring, but much cheaper than an iCEBERG.


Yoyorecreation New Diffusion. Best plastic I have played.


New diffusion is awesome, but still, after all this time, I’d go with the protostar. I can’t say enough good things about it, it’s so good. I even prefer it over the fingerspin north star which is a great yoyo itself. It is one I can say could absolutely qualify as a competition plastic without any ifs or buts.