I was just thinking about this. Why do we call yoyos made from a form of plastic and metal rims bi-metals? Shouldn’t they be called bi-material or metal rimmed yoyos?

Then, yes there are a few bi-metals. The one I can think of is the Catch22. Not sure off the top of my head of any other true bi-metals.


Not sure.

I really like to call them metal rimmed yoyos instead of bi-metals.

(Eleazar) #3

Yeah I guess your right. But can’t bi mean two or half ???

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Interesting post. I just call them Bi-Metals anyways.

(Eleazar) #5

yeah that does make sense


That’s what I’m saying. If you put bi-metal in other words, it would be something like “two metals” which is what I’m saying is generally incorrect.

(J. Lev) #7

Actually, we don’t do that.

Most people use the phrase “Metal-Rimmed.” Very few say “Bi-Metal,” and it sounds pretty silly.

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once again true


No need for the double post. :wink:

I guess I have heard just heard it quite a bit. I agree that it does sound silly though.


I say it, because it makes sense. Bi means two or double, so two pieces of metal on the yoyo = Bi-Metal.

(Eleazar) #12

interesting theroy yet true

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“Bi” doesn’t necessarily refer to two different types of something, very true.

However, when I say “The new Hyundai uses a patented bi-metal construction for the frame.” Most would assume it’s a combination of two different metals.

I guess it doesn’t matter though, since we all know what we mean.


I’ve always said “Metal-rimmed”, I never got why people referred to them as “Bi-Metal”.

Other examples of “Bi-Metals” would be the Night Moves 4 and 5.

(Mitch) #15

I say hybrid or metal rimmed…

Maybe bi-material was misheard


“Bi-metal” makes no sense to me because it sounds like a yoyo made from two different types of metal but I usually say it because it is the first thing I think of to call my Speeder I don’t know why

(J. Lev) #17

Don’t say Hybrid. It confuses people with the response type. “I’m looking for a Hybrid…” I may direct you to a Kickside, for it has Hybrid response.